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Physical activity for the development of endurance: the details and lesson plan

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Physical activity for the development of endurance: the details and lesson plan

The contents

  • The nuances of providing physical activities for endurance development
  • Types of fitness, stamina
  • Plan fitness workouts with different types of activities

Beginners in fitness, doing cardio, very often faced with the problem in which the desire to continue training even is, and forces to train again — no. This is due to the low stamina of the person. If this quality is poorly developed, the systems of the body are not able a long time to work in an intensive mode, and the man begins to tire quickly. To develop stamina helps regular aerobic physical activity, which is characterized by increased heart rate and breathing rhythm. In such circumstances, exercise the heart muscle, increases lung capacity and strengthens muscles, that enables a person to do physical activity for longer without feeling extreme fatigue.

The nuances of providing physical activities for endurance development

Organizing and conducting fitness classes, the purpose of which is to increase the physical capabilities of the body, namely — endurance, you need to consider the following nuances to get the most effective results:

  • the fitness endurance training should be longer than the standard training for strength and mass. However, they should not be exhausting. It is necessary to work in a moderately intense pace, placing strain on the muscles and increase the physical capabilities of the body. In this case, planned and systematic work is much more effective than the provision of physical activity that do not meet the level of training of the muscles and other systems;
  • heart rate while you work on improving endurance should be maintained in the range of 70-80% of the maximum possible. Individual limit an increase in pulse can be determined by the formula “220 minus the number of complete years”;
  • for endurance exercises should be in the nature of uniform intensity. In other words, it is better to jog for 40-60 minutes, than to apply the technique of interval running;
  • the form of motor activity used in fitness training for endurance, should not have medical contraindications. If there are problems with the joints of the lower extremities, instead of running and other high intensity loads should choose walking, Cycling, aerobics or playing sports.

Types of fitness, stamina

Among the most effective fitness exercises for development of endurance of an organism are the following:

  • Jogging, or Jogging.

If there are no medical contraindications to such physical activity, it can be fast enough to increase physical endurance. If beginners do not have the strength to jog for 40-60 minutes, at the initial stage it is possible to reduce the total time of the fitness classes, subsequently systematically increasing the duration of Jogging for a few minutes.

  • Nordic walking.

This type of physical activity recommended to those people who want to become fitter, but due to health problems can’t do a run. Such trips have virtually no contraindications and is suitable for people of any age and gender. A significant advantage of walking with sticks in Finnish is a comprehensive study of the major muscle groups. In such physical load is exerted not only on the muscles of the lower limbs, and bark, but also the muscles of the hands. Having mastered the correct technique of Nordic walking, you can do it 2-3 hours a day without feeling extreme fatigue, and developing endurance. In addition, such trips make it easy to spend up to 400 calories per hour, which could be a bonus for individuals suffering from obesity.

  • Skiing is a great alternative to running and walking in the cold season.

Fitness classes on the slopes, allow not to interrupt the process of development of endurance for the winter. This is extremely important because a long break in training can lead to regress, and the person will have to start training almost from the beginning level.

Plan fitness workouts with different types of activities

By choosing a suitable health condition and individual preferences of physical activity, you can begin fitness training. Doing Jogging for endurance, it is recommended to work according to this scheme:

  • First week.

During this period, beginners should run at least 10 minutes, aiming for the end of the week to increase the duration of Jogging to 20 minutes.

  • Second week.

During this time, the need to increase the duration of Jogging and 25 minutes, gradually increasing physical activity.

  • Third week.

The main task in this training period is to increase the running time from 25 to 30 minutes. This process, depending on the experience accumulated during the preceding two weeks the result can be gradual or sudden. If the degree of development of endurance allows, you from the first day of the third week running for half an hour, and if not, then it is necessary to work according to the usual amplification circuit of the load.

Fitness training with walks in the Scandinavian style, designed to increase endurance, can be carried out according to the following schedule:

  • First week.

At this stage it is necessary to increase the duration of the walk with the initial 25 to 40 minutes. Depending on how many training days provided by the fitness program, you need to add for each session from 3 to 5 minutes.

  • Second week.

During this period, the duration of walking should increase by 10 minutes. By the end of the week should easily take 50 minutes.

  • Third week.

For it is necessary to increase the duration of Nordic walking to one hour.

If the physical load for endurance selected skiing, then you can train the following:

  • In the first week you need to increase the duration from 20 to 35 minutes.
  • By the end of the second week you need to pass 45 minutes.
  • In the third week is required to bring the result to 50 minutes.
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