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Physical activity for older people: the principles of morning exercise

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Physical activity for older people: the principles of morning exercise
The contents

  • The value of physical activity
  • The regularity of sport activities
  • General principles of physical activity of a person of advanced age
  • Struggling with osteoporosis, and develop joint mobility
  • Gymnastics for hands
  • Training legs and torso
  • Correct physical exercise in diseases of the heart
  • Prevention of diseases of the lungs

Morning exercise is a simple exercise that allows you to shake things up after a night’s sleep and get a charge of vivacity for the whole day. Not coincidentally these classes are called “charging”, to make that useful and the young, and the elderly. The last category needs it even more than the young.

Physical activity in people of retirement age is often reduced. But stress is not decreasing. Therefore, the correct exercise should help to maintain the normal functioning of all body systems of older people, improve emotional state and enhance resilience to external negative developments. Regular physical exercise person of retirement age is the only possible path to longevity and an active life.

The value of physical activity

The benefits of movement with the load already knew in Ancient Rome. At that time, the movement was a precondition for life. It is difficult to imagine that the Roman inhabitants of venerable age was lying on the sofa, even in her declining years they had to earn a living.

Modern retiree to age much simpler: in most cases it is secured and protected by the state. However, in order for retirement to stay active and alert, needs to continue to move.

Morning exercises suitable for this purpose perfectly. Lack of exercise makes a person awkward, painful, not able to care for themselves. Any mechanism that for a long time remained without motion, it is difficult again to get to work. But the human body is much more complex than any mechanical system. So his health must be constantly maintained through proper exercise.

The regularity of sport activities

Morning exercise can give the retiree a good result so that he will be able to refuse drugs intended to maintain health.

Systematic dosed physical activity in nature are beneficial to the function of internal organs and systems, improve memory, increase work capacity. A person engaged in physical exercise, always stands out among the men of his age. He is usually cheerful, active, always in a good mood.

Do not deny yourself the pleasure to enjoy live. Train your muscles, heart and lungs. And then even old age cannot affect your health.

General principles of physical activity of a person of advanced age

Before you start to exercise, you need to consult with the observing physician. Even if the pensioner is feeling good, the doctor can identify hidden risks and give recommendations how to avoid them.

No need to imagine a morning exercises, like heavy duty. Charging — this is the type of exercise that should be fun. You have to start with the easiest exercises and not to make an effort.

Sometimes when performing certain elements of gymnastics, you can feel the pain or discomfort. In this case, the occupation needs to stop, or make it pause. Physical activity persons of advanced age should be similar to the Spartan occupation, and on a quiet gym at a moderate pace.

If the classes are held at home, before beginning to air the room. It is recommended to come a few minutes barefoot, to take deep breaths. Total charging time is 15-30 minutes.

Struggling with osteoporosis, and develop joint mobility

Elderly people often have problems with the joints, and decreased bone density. To return its skeleton flexibility and endurance will help special exercises that must be performed daily.

Start exercises with warm-up of the cervical spine. It can be as simple head tilts, spins, turns. Then begin to perform moves and rotations of the upper limbs, paying attention to each joint — forearm, elbows, wrists. Then proceed to work the waist, knees, ankle. All taken during warm-up movements should be comfortable and not cause pain.

Gymnastics for hands

The health and performance of hand — the task priority. In the retirement age relevant problems such as varicose veins, thrombosis and other congestion in the blood vessels. Of course, without the assistance of such diseases is not to get rid of. But the correct exercise, represented by a set of morning exercises, will allow you to quickly deal with the problem.

Exercises for the hands begin with a thorough warm-up fingers. You need to work small joints and a smooth transition to the rotation of the brushes. Next, do the same with the elbows. It is important not to make sudden movements to avoid accidental injuries and sprains.

Training legs and torso

To start the warm-up feet can be right in bed. To do this, just begin to stretch and relax muscles, starting with the fingers feet and ending buttocks. Next, go to the rotation of the feet. Now you can stand up, walk around the room, pulling the foot up and out. If health allows, you can perform a few squats or propriedad. The rotation of the knees would also be very useful.

Correct physical exercise in diseases of the heart

Physical activity with serious heart diseases contraindicated. However, there are some elements of gymnastics that will not harm even those who suffer from chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system.

This isothermal exercises. Their essence is to work the muscles under the influence of natural resistance. For example, you can press your palms together and push them. This simple exercise strengthens the muscles of the shoulder girdle and hands, helps to normalize blood circulation. Such gymnastic elements can easily come up with yourself for all muscle groups.

Prevention of diseases of the lungs

Complex of morning exercises need to complete the exercise on lung ventilation. Through regular breathing involved only the upper part of the lungs. In the lower parts are often congestion, which must be disposed of.

This can be done with the help of simple exercises:

  • deep breath, extend your arms out to the sides, and on the exhale press your palms to your chest;
  • raise your arms up on the inhale, on the exhale lean forward, lowering the hands to the floor;
  • repeat the exercise 5-10 times.

Even 15 minutes of morning gymnastics is able to significantly improve the health of older people. Gradually physical exertion person of retirement age can be increased, bringing them to a reasonable level.

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