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Physical activity for endurance training and weight loss for men

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Physical activity for endurance training and weight loss for men

The contents

  • What is this form of exercise
  • Techniques of circuit training for weight loss
  • A lightweight set of exercises for home circuit workout
  • Diagram of a men’s circuit training in the fitness club

Strong body, iron spirit is the life motto of most men, health-conscious and want to have a beautiful, athletically built figure. To form a strong body and nurturing the spirit of the iron help of circuit training. This versatile form of exercise suitable for practicing at home or at the fitness club. In addition, regular training sessions and excellent coaching endurance and intense burn fat, promoting weight loss and the formation of the relief of the body.

What is this form of exercise

Circuit training is a set of exercises, consisting on average of 8-12 elements which are repeated continuously and follow each other at a fast pace without a pause or with a 15 second break. At the conclusion of the exercises the first round of the whole complex is repeated in the same sequence 2-3 more times. An important condition to achieve the effect is minimal rest between sets (15-30 seconds).

Circuit training have a number of advantages over other fitness classes, because they:

  • increase physical strength;
  • activates metabolic processes due to the rapid absorption of oxygen;
  • burn fat cells, leading to rapid weight loss;
  • strengthens the heart and blood vessels;
  • form muscle relief.

Another advantage of this physical activity is able to train people without special training.

Among the significant disadvantages of circular strength training athletes notice a negligible increase muscle mass. In addition, these power exercises are prohibited for people suffering from hypertension, heart disease and blood vessels, and also consume foods low in protein.

Techniques of circuit training for weight loss

An important feature of the complexes of exercises performed continuously in a circle, is the ability to train all muscle groups at once. For this aerobic elements are grouped with power, which leads to effective fat burning and as a result, there is a rapid weight loss.

To the result was not long in coming, need to build up the training program and to observe execution elements, not forgetting that physical activity should be evenly distributed on the whole body.

Professional trainers suggest the following for beginners:

  • To start with the compilation of training programs, including exercises on the whole body. The best option — 2-3 elements on a certain part of the body.
  • The order of execution of those or other elements are set according to the scheme involving a change of load to different muscle groups. Fitness exercises workout the same muscle group should not be repeated. Every workout try to change the sequence of execution items, and to diversify the exercise. This method prevents the adaptation of the organism to stress and increases the intensity of trainings.
  • With particular attention to the choice of weight. Do not try to use the largest, to the failure to make the muscles work. Start training with medium weights, gradually increasing the load (up to 2.5-5 kg). When excessive muscular tension return to initial weight.
  • Pick up the intensity of the exercise program that is comfortable for yourself. Aim for 30 seconds to perform the maximum number of iterations, thus continually monitor the work of muscles.
  • The break between cycles should last 15-30 seconds, maximum it can be increased up to 1 minute before the next round. No longer recommended, as it will lead to loss of effectiveness of the training.
  • The optimal frequency of training — 2-3 times a week. Minimal rest between activities — 48 hours. This time period is necessary for muscle recovery.
  • Obligatory beginning of each workout warm up for 5-10 minutes. It should start at a slow pace, gradually increasing the intensity of the movements.
  • The classes for beginners — no more than half an hour. For the trial no more than an hour.
  • The famous American coach Stew Smith gives good advice to beginners: to increase the effectiveness of workouts and achieve maximum weight loss possible through a combination of several variations of elements and performing them without a break to rest.

    A lightweight set of exercises for home circuit workout

    If your goal is to maintain good physical shape and a slight weight reduction, the best coach for you will be simple set of exercises for strength circuit training at home. It is practically not different from sports in the gym.

    Professionals suggest the beginners to athletes lightweight diagram of the power and aerobic exercise:

  • Warm up/exercises for muscle stretching.
  • Pull on the bar — max reps.
  • 20-30 sit-UPS.
  • Pushups for 1 minute.
  • Attacks on the lower limbs (10 times each).
  • Air squats (crossfit): feet put on width apart, slightly bend your lower back, arms extend in front of him or to the sides. On the exhale, lower the hips to a level parallel to the floor or lower (if possible), not taking the stop from its surface and keeping a flat back. To perform a maximum number of times.
  • Hyperextension: lie on your stomach, cementing his hands on the back of the head. Simultaneously lift torso and legs. You can restrict the raising of the torso. Be completed within 1 minute.
  • Preferably the diagram of exercise to perform quickly and without rest, repeating all the elements in a circle 3-4 times. This program eliminates lifting weights, but that does not lose its effectiveness because all the elements are selected with an optimal physical exercise for the entire body.

    Diagram of a men’s circuit training in the fitness club

    Power physical activity during circular training in the gym is different from the home that allows you to switch exercises using sports equipment.

    For novice athletes, experienced trainers offer the scheme following the effective circuit workout:

  • Warm-up/warm-up all muscle groups.
  • Pull-UPS/pull of the upper block;
  • A press of a bar from a prone position;
  • The leg press using the simulator;
  • Classic twisting (crunchy): lie on floor, bend legs in knee joints and stretch the feet into the floor, put your hands behind your head. A little scrugli the back, raise the torso, not taking part of the hip from the floor. Repeat 30-50 times.
  • Mini-complex with dumbbells: squats, flexion of the biceps, military press, triceps extension on.
  • Burdened squat (lumberjack).
  • Deadlift barbell/dumbbells in the slope.
  • Kettlebell swing with one arm — dynamic lift shell to shoulder level.
  • Bench barbell from a standing position.
  • Each exercise requires 10-15 times a day repeat 2-3 sets. Don’t forget to follow the above recommendations for intensity of physical activity. Most importantly — adjust the weight of shells used, starting with minimal.

    To bring in the shape of the upper part of the torso in the shortest possible time experienced athletes recommend the following addition to the training program:

    • the warm-up portion of the muscle stretching;
    • pull-UPS;
    • bench from a lying position;
    • flexion of the bicep — 12-15 times;
    • plyometric (with a separation of hands) push-UPS;
    • training elements at the press of your choice — 50 repetitions;
    • an inclined pull rod — 20 repetitions;
    • reverse push-UPS on bench —12-15 times;
    • the thrust of the upper block with alternating wide/normal/reverse grip (10/10/10);
    • breeding dumbbells from a lying position — 10-20 reps
    • push UPS — maximum repetitions;
    • fitness elements at the press of choice — 50 times.

    You must adhere to the proposed scheme of training in accordance with the optimal physical load. The above suggested program classes can be combined, alternately loading different muscles.

    Regular training, avoiding harmful habits and a healthy diet will allow you in the shortest possible time to achieve the desired goal of weight loss and exercise endurance.

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