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Physical activity against bad moods and depression

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Physical activity against bad moods and depression
The contents

  • Use fitness for emotional health
  • The most suitable exercise to combat stress
  • A complex of simple exercises for relaxation
  • Tips for fitness training for stress relief

The fact that physical activity, in addition to strengthening muscles, the heart and blood vessels, a positive effect on other body systems, particularly the nervous and endocrine, is scientifically proven. That is why fitness is often used as an effective tool to combat low mood and stress.

Use fitness for emotional health

Thanks to the regular fitness training, you can achieve the following positive changes in the body:

  • reduced levels of hormones produced under stressful situations, therefore, neutralized the negative impact of stress on the body;
  • reduced symptoms of anxiety, irritability and other depressive feelings;
  • increases self esteem and improves the perception of reality;
  • disappears insomnia and eliminated other problems with sleep;
  • increases overall vitality, resistance to stress and immunity;
  • improves performance, memory, attention, concentration and other activities of the brain and Central nervous system;
  • appearance becomes more attractive.

All of this benefit is the result of the following processes occurring during and after the gym:

  • eliminated spasms in the muscles and clamps in the body, is characteristic of people who are in a chronic state of nervous strain;
  • during stress the blood sugar levels unstable, as a regular fitness workout with a moderate load, in turn, help to normalize;
  • high physical activity promotes the production of endorphins — the hormones of antidepressants, so the level of stress after such activities is greatly reduced;
  • increases the concentration of oxygen in the body due to the increased frequency of respiratory rhythm and acceleration of heart rate during exercise.

The most suitable exercise to combat stress

Among all types of sports and areas of fitness are most effective in the fight against stress and bad mood is the next exercise:

  • Cycling;
  • dance classes;
  • all types of walking, including regular Hiking;
  • Jogging for a short distance;
  • Wellness morning exercise;
  • aerobic exercise of moderate intensity;
  • swimming and water aerobics;
  • tennis and other outdoor games;
  • yoga;
  • power fitness classes.

A complex of simple exercises for relaxation

To relieve emotional tension accumulated during the day, doctors and fitness instructors recommend to perform the following simple exercise:

  • Sitting in a comfortable chair, you should put the foot on the floor, put your hands on your hips and, keeping your back straight, try to relax, deep breathing in and out.
  • Without changing the position of the body, need to send look up and smile even if we have to do through force. Then you need to look forward and close your eyes, imagine the space around it expands. In this exercise, you should not hold your breath.
  • Being all in the same position, you need to slowly squeeze the brush for a few seconds and opened them. This movement should be repeated up to 10 times, sticking to a leisurely pace and keeping the smooth rhythm of breathing.
  • Keeping your back straight and not lifting your feet on the floor, raise the upper limb in front of chest, elbows should be slightly bent. Slowly lowering arms, repeat the exercise 8-10 times. These lifts need to carry out smoothly.
  • While performing the last repetition you can not give up, and attach the palm to the closed eyelids and pause for 2 minutes.
  • Removing your hands from the eyelids and opening his eyes, you need to put the brush to the ears and lightly press the auricle to the head for 30-60 seconds. After this time sharply to tear off his hand from the ears.
  • All of the above exercises can be performed not only in the evening, but during the day, for example, at work at lunchtime. Thus it is possible to reduce stress and improve performance.

    Tips for fitness training for stress relief

    To fitness classes was the most effective in the process of dealing with stress and guaranteed improved mood, and did not lead to fatigue and injuries, it is necessary for training to use the following practical advice:

    • before starting any fitness training, you need to consult a physician. It is necessary, first, to ascertain the reasons for low mood, fatigue and poor health. Perhaps this is a sign of a serious disease. Secondly, you need to determine if there are any contra-indications to occupations of a particular physical activity;
    • to train regularly and not only during periods of nervous tension. So it is possible to strengthen nervous system and improve stress resistance. To do morning exercises, exercises for relaxation and walking daily, and other, more intense fitness training should be performed 3-4 times per week;
    • the types of activities selected as a means of relieving stress, to like and to be fun. If you force yourself to train by force, it can only aggravate the condition of stress;
    • the intensive fitness classes must be at least 20 minutes. It was during this period of time the body starts to undergo processes that contribute to the improvement of psychoemotional state. Gradually, the duration of the training is recommended to increase;
    • to avoid monotony and boredom, should be routine, and include new training classes of traffic;
    • you should adjust the diet and nutrition. Often it is lack of vitamins provokes malaise, a manifestation of which may be depression and apathy, and irritability and nervousness. Therefore, the menu should be balanced and include only healthy foods and in sufficient quantity.

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