Sat. Jul 17th, 2021

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Phil Heath tore the seams and will speak only in 2020

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If you start from the answers to the 7 times Mr. Olympia Phil Heath (Phil Heath) in the comments on his page on Instagram, the former champion again appeared on the scene with a serious injury. Phil recently wrote that “I need to treat open seams that I broke at the last stage of preparation, it’s clear as day,” “I have to go explain to the doctor why I too trained hard so that the seams did not survive. And now I need a long rest.” But the most strange post from Heath that he would be Mr. Olympia 2020. By the way, the photos from the recent show in Las Vegas, you can see some bumps on his stomach, so anything is possible. Anyway, Phil really needed a vacation, and his opponents such as Kai Greene can use this situation.


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