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Phil Heath Doesn't Know What Time is It Until Mr.Olympia 2019

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Phil heath

The whole bodybuilding and fitness community is concerned about the appearance of the ousted champion Phil Heath last year. In a situation where there will be no Sean Rodin, Rami Mamdu Elssbiai, Kai Greene on the September stage, for an experienced 39-year-old Heath it would be a simple task to take $ 400,000 from the prize pool of the Olympia show. But to the question asked during his stay in the Emirates, Phil could not even figure out how many weeks were left before the main tournament of the entire competitive season and began to wonder: “five weeks? Seven?” (in the video below). Of course, the seven-time owner of the Sandov figurine can play very cunningly during such moments, but everything looks pretty convincing. The athlete also travels a lot, does business, and even launched his own Lab Heath line of sports nutrition.

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