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Petar Klanchir showed form 2011-2017

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Croatian athlete competing in the IFBB Professional League, Petar Klancir, took a long break from the competition. His last performance on the pro-stage dates back to the distant 2017 at the Prague Pro tournament (more on Now Klanchir is actively preparing for the competitive season and motivates his subscribers not to stop there (in the video below this news). Recently, a photo collage comparing his form from 2011 and 2017 appeared on the official page of the Croatian athlete on Instagram. Among many complimentary reviews, Petar was also asked how he managed to build such a beautiful biceps, to which the athlete replied: "Thanks for the compliment! It takes many years of hard work, but will make this peak grow. Flexions with maximum concentration are critical." , this gifted bodybuilder will still take its rightful place in the line of prestigious competitions, and the goal for Klanchir is, of course, to qualify for the most important show in the iron world, Mr. Olympia in Las Vegas.

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