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Eat together!

Only proper nutrition

Personal experience: as over half of Housewives with cellulite to become pitoresco

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I started my story three years ago when I gave birth to a daughter Ksenia. Along with it I got seven extra pounds and “ears” on the priest. Doesn’t sound too terrible, but I’m a fragile girl with thin bones (wrist 13.5 cm in girth) and have always been slender: about 48 kg with height 162 see Why the extra weight on my body affected terribly — I was flabby, disproportionate “pear” with breeches and cellulite on the thighs, stomach hanging down over the seam from caesarean, weak handles and significantly reduced quality of life.

I was only 28 years old, and I became a aunt. Mother comforted, saying there is nothing wrong, you just became a woman, a mother. But I didn’t want to put up with it.

Where to find the motivation and strength to take the first step?!

Tired, roll up life, I at first did not even have time to realize how bad it is, and almost resigned to the fact that you don’t like yourself. But one day, looking closely to the girl in the mirror, I was suddenly so clear: either I will be eternally dissatisfied with themselves, or now with my life. Then I was able to intuitively find the motivation today which I convey to my players: the energy given to us all. If you think that there is no power, in fact you just don’t have the right targets.

Think big

Before me stood a goal is not just to “lose fifteen pounds”. I wanted never to be sad and not to get upset, looking at his reflection in the mirror! Wish my daughter was proud of the best, beautiful and disciplined mother, wanted to see the excitement and admiration in the eyes of her husband. And I was so inspired by this idea that the technical phases of its realization, like a change in diet, seemed simple.

Delhi a long way on small pieces

To begin, I suggest to do this exercise: on one side of a sheet of paper to write down the daily habits of ordinary women, and on the other the habits of slim, toned beauty. Most often it turns out that the first almost always sleep deprived, meal rolls, and “no time” to exercise, and the second knows how to set priorities and allocates time efficiently and eat a lot of vegetables. Here it is, ready action plan: gradually replace bad habits rituals of beauty.

Raise the bar (expectations)

Indecision is a result of our low standards. While we are “just fine”, we will not come out of the proverbial comfort zone. And this is the most “normal” — all that we expect? Aren’t we worthy, good, beautiful, best? Health, well-being and a beautiful body? After all, a sense of the person, gives only the development and awareness of their own progress!

Eating right vs. the “magic” diets

Of course, the first Association with the word “weight loss” is a “diet”. But hard short weight loss programs provide short-term effect, whereas proper nutrition is a fundamentally different approach to food, which should become your good habit going forever and improve the quality of life, not to deprive you of pleasures.

We often think in stereotypes: healthy eating, bland, tasteless, husband and children, of course, refuse to participate in it, and cook yourself apart I’m not ready. Having tried probably hundreds of useful recipes, I can say that to cook that delicious was useful for everyone — really! That looks like my menu for the day:

— Breakfast (porridge with berries/dried fruit/nuts, you can treat yourself to a slice of dark chocolate);
— snack (bread, fresh vegetables, egg);
— lunch (complex carbohydrates — cereals, whole-grain pasta, protein (fish, poultry, lean meat), vegetable salad;
— snack (cottage cheese with berries);
— dinner (again protein, but no carbs, just vegetables).

Such a diet leaves no chance the starvation, excess weight. The nutritionist my team fully endorses this approach.

Dozens of combinations of meat/poultry/fish, cereals, pasta from whole wheat, dairy products, vegetables provide appreciable scope for creativity. The trick is that you replace harmful useful analogues. For example, roast and bake food in the oven, snacking not chocolate, and protein bars…

The worst myth: “no dessert.” You can! Instead of the fatty sugary cakes go to PP delicious-desserts — pancakes, oatmeal with Splenda, cooked in a nonstick pan without a huge amount of oil. By the way, my family loves these for Breakfast!

To do at home (without a coach and trainers) and to lose weight possible!

Of exercise works on two fronts at once: help lose weight and build pumped figure. For the first problem, the most effective solution will be the cardio. And beautiful the terrain is in fact weight training. When the extra fat are burned, muscle is just form a smooth elastic curves.

It is important to remember that both of these processes are associated with hormonal response of the body to load, and it doesn’t work instantly. Will have to work! Ideally, your daily exercise should consist of 30-40 minutes of cardio and 1 hour weight training. Plus, do not forget to warm up at the beginning and at the end to stretch. The only way your body will react as desired, activates all metabolic processes and start burning fat.

For home training equipment you’ll need soft sport Mat and a pair of collapsible dumbbells. And be sure to engage in comfortable sneakers! I had two dumbbells 7.5 kg, assembled from separate “pancakes”, so I can adjust the weight. I immediately got the rod (beginners can do without it in the early stages) and the ellipse is a good thing, but to put it at home not everyone has the opportunity. So cardio may have to “run” around the house or in the Park.

The selection of exercises for strength training follow the Golden rule: 70% for exercises and 30% for the insulation. Base — those that involve multiple muscle groups and give most of the load. Without them, training will not be effective. These include squats, lunges, pull-UPS and push-UPS, various pull (deadlift, etc.). Isolating, as the name implies, affects one group of muscles and the need for “detail” to work out the relief. For example, nearly all exercises for the biceps or shoulders, leg lifts with weights — insulating.

The success of strength training provide two things: proper technique and progression in weights. Do not grab immediately for severity, first try to do each exercise light in front of the mirror. The body must remember the correct position. Then when you work with the weight you won’t get hurt. After a workout can hurt your muscles, not the joints. All the discomfort will disappear on the third day after classes. But on them you’ll be to navigate when you need to increase the working weight. If a few weeks have you been doing with one weight and muscles after workouts never whine, so they’ve adapted to the load, it’s time to get heavier dumbbells. This work will make the training effective for building beautiful elevation.

If you goal is to lose weight and burn excess, then cardio (running, jumping, Bicycle riding) should last at least 40 minutes. During this time, you can disperse the metabolism, strengthen the heart and will melt the fat. But when to lose weight is not necessary, cardio can be used as a warm-up and cool-down (before and after training) for 10-15 minutes.

Pay special attention to proportions — the body should be pumped evenly and look harmonious

Many girls the problem is not just the accumulation of fat, and its uneven deposition in one or two places. Guided by the deceptively logical thinking, the girls rush to do the exercises on the problem area, completely oblivious to the rest of the body. Although the main principle of weight loss — to lose weight evenly and at the same time (i.e. everywhere!). Somewhere fat stored anymore, so these places lose weight last. The figures like “pear” which was my kind of place — those “ears” on the Pope, which finally disappeared only after six months of training and PP.

Therefore, in order not to be in a situation when the priest was drugged, and all the rest and hanging out, pay attention to the entire body. In addition to the General tone and impression toned body, this principle will be useful in achieving perfect visual proportions: raised the shoulders to visually balance the heavy hips and the contrast with developed broadest muscle of back, the waist appears thinner.

At home, you can even get rid of “orange peel”

With regular training and healthy eating we lose weight properly losing fat and given to muscle tone. The paradox is that cellulite becomes even more more noticeable. The number of fat cells does not change, but their lipid contents gradually broken down. Of thick, filled with “bubbles” fat cells turn into an empty “wrappers”. Adipose tissue becomes uneven, loose. But this is a good sign showing that you’re losing weight!

Our task is to accelerate this process. And at this point the ideal would be a self-massage. Well, of course, if you have a professional massage therapist and time to on a regular basis to walk him several times a week, it’s great. But with the proper massage techniques you can do yourself. For example, using special cans, brushes, even an ordinary kitchen rolling pin (my favorite way!) it is possible to effectively massage the problem areas. The principles are almost the same: work for 15-25 minutes driving from the bottom up, in the course of lymph flow, without affecting the inner thighs, where “laid” the important lymph nodes to persistent redness and visible warming up of the skin. After a couple of months you realize that can appear in underwear ads.

I have gone from despair and total lack of time to form a beautiful and healthy body and favorite work. Today I’m not just a housewife, and coach who has assembled a complete team of professionals that developed the course home workouts that help lose weight and let in life more of beauty and health. I hope my “memoirs” will inspire you to change yourself and your life for the better!”

We thank Natalia Kuzmich for the help in material preparation. By the way, on her YouTube channel you will find many interesting and useful options for home workouts.

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