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Perfect thighs with squats-plie

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Squats-plie for the hips

That will give you these squats-plie?

  • Smooth and elastic surface of the inner thighs
  • Perfect buttocks

What is their advantage over the other?

  • not loaded back
  • not injured knees
  • you don’t need a coach
  • you don’t need dumbbells or kettlebells
  • the time spent will be 10 minutes a day

The main thing — the correct technique plie-squats

Well, if you have the opportunity to perform the exercises in front of the full-length mirror, so you more accurately monitor yourself. If not — try to start with the exercise by the wall: now you’ll avoid mistakes and understand how to do plie-squats correctly.


So, how to do plie-squats:

Feet shoulder width apart. Toes turned outwards about 45 degrees. The back is straight.

By noting the position of the back, slowly lower your pelvis down while exhaling.

Watch your knees: they should disperse, repeating the direction of toe.

Don’t take your pelvis too far back (here the wall-you can help!): imagine (or feel) as you slide your back straight and buttocks on the wall.

Get to the position when your thighs will be parallel with the floor.

Hold down for 3 breath cycles (inhale-exhale) and slowly work your way up.

Do 15 squats, rest 1-2 minutes, do another 15, break again, and the last approach is also 15 times. You immediately feel what muscles are working during plie-squats.

If the load seems heavy, reduce the number of repeats to 10, but be sure you do three full sets.

Doing so every day, after 2-3 weeks you will notice a significant improvement in the shape of the hips, and after a month and a half just don’t recognize your own feet!

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