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Perfect fall workout on the street

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To train outdoors in the summer is problematic because of the heat, which does not subside even at night. In the fall everything changes, it is the right time to begin or resume a workout on the street.

Autumn is the best time to exercise outdoors. The temperature outside was much lower than in summer, it is now possible to train without risk of overheating or even heatstroke. Winter will have to return to the gym or home workouts, so you need to use every fall day for sports in open space.

To be outdoors enhances not only physical health, he provides emotional support.

The Japanese equate a walk in the fresh air as psychotherapy, should heed this healthy nation. Training can take place anywhere, will consider the most suitable load for the fall sports.


Suitable for those who are on summer departed from the sport, and now would like to return. When walking the muscles come in tone, burning calories, body tissues are filled with oxygen. The walk is not a intense exercise, so you can bring family or friends. Trips bring people together, it’s time for relaxing.


Run, give your heart a good workout. After a run you will feel an emotional lift, but if Jogging in the morning, then load up and set up on an energetic day. Jogging helps you Wake up much better than caffeine, cool air in the morning while running will make you feel alive and cheerful.


If you have a bike, then autumn is the time to use it as often as possible. Use a Bicycle as their main transport, and then the road to the store or to work will become a full-fledged training. If you don’t have a bike, don’t miss the opportunity to rent them on weekends. Using a car or public transport, you won’t be able to cheer up, to put in order the muscles and burn calories.


The distance and duration of a route depends on the surrounding terrain and your fitness. Any trip is exciting, even if you decided to explore the forest near the house. Will be very good if the route goes over rough terrain, uphill allows you to spend a lot of calories and trains your heart.

Housekeeping in the yard

Autumn is the time of falling leaves and wind. If you regularly go outside with the purpose of harvesting, then the surrounding area will become more well-groomed, and you spend calories and prodvigaetsya.

The duration of the off-season depends on the geographic location of the settlement. But even in the warmest regions, the autumn passes too quickly. Using every autumn day for exercise in the fresh air, you make a contribution to their physical form. From the autumn of training depends in what form you come in the room with the onset of winter.

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