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Perfect body: training secrets of the stars

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Perfect body: training secrets of the stars
The contents

  • Features fitness workouts of Vera Brezhneva
  • As it supports the body in shape Julia?
  • The secrets of beauty and harmony from Evgenia Malakhova
  • An athlete, a Russian and a beauty Ksenia Sukhinova
  • Friendship between sports and socialite Pauline Kitsenko
  • A fan of yoga and smoothies Valentine Zelyaeva

Looking at the slender long legs of Vera Brezhneva, toned body Russian model Anastasia Reshetova and perfect abs entrepreneur Polina Kitsenko, wonder how these women manage to keep in shape with such a busy life and busy schedule. Without a doubt, the sport is present in the lives of these stars, and what are the characteristics of their training?

Features fitness workouts of Vera Brezhneva

The famous trio “VIA Gra” admired not only men but also women. Vera Brezhnev has long gone in a single voyage, but what remains unchanged is a beautiful body without a gram of excess fat. How does she manage, because the girl not only sings, but also engaged in social activities, helping children with cancer and HIV-positive women. I must say that the sport was present in the life of Faith from an early age. As a teenager, she was fond of handball, basketball, karate, doing gymnastics, so she is no stranger to physical activity.

Faith itself acknowledges that more recently, the fitness training was present in her life almost every day, but today she does only three times a week, performing strength exercises on different muscle groups. When the singer pays special attention to stretching, knowing what role it plays in the effectiveness and quality of lessons. Faith is very much goes on foot, so in your travel bag she always has sneakers. But even if there is no possibility to leave the room and go to the gym, she performs a statistical exercise.

As it supports the body in shape Julia?

A famous actress and chef, leading culinary TV shows Yulia Vysotskaya is in a perfect physical shape. We must pay tribute to this woman, because she has almost no free time, and the day is painted literally on minutes, but Julia manages to snatch a moment for sports. Running, she believes the main way to maintain your body in good shape. She receives from him a real pleasure and gets upset when a busy schedule does not allow you to do it as often and as much as I want. And yet Julia loves fitness training in the water and from time to time engaged in “hot” Bikram yoga.

If the presenter understands that the day will have a difficult and intense, the in advance plans to stand for a couple of hours early to have time to carry out its minimum programme. Julia believes that physical activity are essential to maintain your emotion and mood. When the reflection in the mirror pleases, and to enjoy lessons more.

The secrets of beauty and harmony from Evgenia Malakhova

The actress, better known as the soloist of the group Reflex, identify themselves as a sport-maniacs, because not imagine my life without workouts. The years go by and the beauty of this girl does not fade, but she believes this is a direct consequence of regular exercise in the gym. According to Eugene, the sports great uplifting, happy and cheerful girl beautiful a priori. The love life of the actress — fitbox. It is difficult to imagine how this fragile pretty lady lashes out aggression at the gym, flailing at a punching bag with arms and legs. By the way, this is a wonderful technique for getting rid of the effects of stress, which is recommended even psychotherapists. While Jack has nothing against cardio loads, heavy and light weights.

An athlete, a Russian and a beauty Ksenia Sukhinova

Became Miss World 10 years ago, she continues to work as a model, to engage in social activities and appear in videos famous pop singers. Looking at this slender and beautiful girl, hard to believe that in her life there is no regular sports, but the model recognizes that frequent flights, continued participation in some exhibitions, presentations and programs do not allow to systematically go to the gym. Once the girl was actively engaged in running and gymnastics and even had a first class biathlon, but today it is increasingly working independently, performing shows trainer exercises when I have free time.

But from what Ksenia was not able to refuse, so from the biathlon, however since then it has undergone significant changes. The gun model itself does not take superfluous, focusing only on fitness training and just walking on skis. Beauty and harmony — a nice bonus to this walk, but still a great mood.

Friendship between sports and socialite Pauline Kitsenko

Polina Kitsenko not only runs a network of shops of fashionable clothes, but also organizes charity races and marathons. Looking at her wiry, dry and trim figure, you might think that in the past this girl at least won medals at the Olympic games, but according to Polina, the sport appeared in her life not so long ago. Seriously their health and body it started only after he found “his” coach, who invited me to try myself in running and cross-country skiing. At first, Pauline reacted to the proposal skeptically, because my throat since childhood was her weak point.

Over time, she noticed that the sore throat ceased to exasperate her, and overall she began to feel much better. And although the entrepreneur continues to have to work very hard and spend most of the time in a stuffy office, she knows what the sport is all.

A fan of yoga and smoothies Valentine Zelyaeva

True Russian girl with delicate features, a beauty which is admired by both men and women around the world — Valentine Zelyaeva did a great modeling career, continuing to participate in fashion shows fashion brands and shot for popular magazines. Girl since childhood, loves nature and healthy food: the Internet is often found her home photos with a glass of green smoothie. Well, to keep fit, it helps yoga. Moreover, this practice of being present in the lives of girls in their full versions with all the necessary meditation and spiritual knowledge. It helps her not only to take care of your body and shapes but also to live in harmony with themselves and their inner world.

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