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Perfect abs: exercise from a fitness expert

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direct and oblique abdominal muscles. The number of repeats in each can vary depending on physical readiness. Better to start with 10-20 reps for each movement, thus the approach will work a minimum of 40 reps plus static load “limit”. To perform at least 3 approaches for beginners and 4 for advanced.

1. “Bar” in the circle

This is an important exercise for strengthening not only the muscles of the body, but also the whole body. It is important for us to work the transverse abdominis, she trains only the strap and vacuum.

Execution: you need to get up on his toes toes and elbows, pulling the body in a straight line. Elbows are under shoulders and palms can be joined. You need to keep yourself in such a situation the maximum time and watch out not to SAG the back, to keep myself muscles of the body.

2. “Fold”

Starting position: lie on your back.

Execution: exhale simultaneously raise straight legs and hands, touching fingers to toes. Back in the supine position, inhale. Repeat the movement.

3. Lightweight “Fold”

Starting position: lying on your back.

Execution: raise one leg and reach for the toe of the raised leg with both hands. And return to the starting position. Exhale on the effort, when we reach the toe and inhale to return to starting position.

4. “Twisting”

Starting position: lying on back, knees slightly bent.

Execution: exhale to curl the body directing the chin to the navel and inhale unwind, lowering of the shoulder blade on the floor.

5. For obliques

Starting position: lying on your back with your legs wider than shoulder width, knees slightly bent.

Implementation of: severing shoulder blades off the floor a few inches and start moving to the right, reach the fingers of the right hand to right heel, touch after returning to the center, then without dropping the blades on the floor, move to the left, touch the fingers of the left hand left heel. Do desired number of reps, without dropping the blade on the floor.

Thank you for helping with filming Fitness Center 100%

Photographer: Alexey Danilkin

Coach: Nikita Smirnov – personal trainer gym fitness center 100% graduated from the College of fitness and bodybuilding them. Ben Vader. Candidate master of sports in bench press, candidate master of sports in the deadlift. He is an experienced specialist to reduce the fatty component and the muscle. Won second place at the Moscow Cup 2016 deadlift and bench press.

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