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Peptides – the best sports Supplement?

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What are peptides and how they can help athletes? How to take and store stuff? The types of peptides and their impact on the health of bodybuilders. The answers to these questions, read this article.

Any bodybuilder who decided as quickly as possible to gain muscle mass, is faced with the natural limitations of the body. One of those substances that can help to overcome the natural barriers of the rate of development of cells, are peptides. For a long time this was supposed to be fighting against steroids and injections of growth hormone. However, the peptides reviews have not always unambiguous, since the wrong technique can lead to unexpected results.

What are peptides and how are they useful

The word “peptide” is of Greek origin and means “nourishing”. In fact, this substance is built from the remnants of two different alpha-proteins or aminocarbonyl acids linked by amide bond. The substance contains fewer than 20 amino acid residues, it is oligopeptides, otherwise the polypeptides.

In the human peptides are present and regulate processes associated with neural activity, blood pressure, feeding behavior, cell division, hormone production, immune protection and many others. With age, a person develops a deficiency of these substances that is one of the causes of aging. However, humanity has made possible the artificial synthesis of peptides. It was designed in 1905 by the German chemist Emil Fischer. At the moment there are over 1500 different types of such compounds.

For bodybuilders interesting peptides that belong to two groups:

  • The Group Of Ghrelin. They cause a sharp spike in the body’s growth hormone (GH).
  • Band releasing hormone-growth hormone. Have prolonged effects and increase the concentration of GH during its natural selection.

Some athletes use peptide fat burner, which is essentially a fragment of G, and those which correspond to the peptides for sleep. They help to recover after a hard workout, reduce stress, eliminate insomnia, which often appears after taking steroids, and anxiety and increased aggression.


Peptides differ from the human growth hormone or steroids for a number of reasons:

  • The price is much lower than other substances that affect muscle growth.
  • The turnover of peptides is not controlled at the state level.
  • They quickly decay and leave no traces that does not interfere with doping control.
  • Own natural production of G will increase by 2-6 times.
  • Appetite will increase, but will not increase the amount of fat and lean mass.
  • You can verify the authenticity of the funds, passing the blood plasma sample after administration of the drug.
  • No adverse effects on the reproductive system of the body. On the contrary, you can implement a bunch of peptides that improve her health.

It is also important that the available opportunity to pick up a bunch of peptides for the solution of several problems.

They will help to restore cartilage and bone after trauma, toxins and waste products from the body, rejuvenate the cells, reduce cholesterol levels and blood sugar.

From taking peptides should refrain young people up to 25 years, as they can begin the overall growth of the body.

The most popular bundles

It is more efficient to use a combination of peptides to achieve the desired results. Depending on the needs identified several options energichnyh ligaments:

  • Sermorelin+Ipamorelin. Has a mild effect, used for the treatment of retarded growth in Western countries.
  • Somatocrinin (CJC-1295)+GHRP-2. The negative effects have been identified, but unlike the first option, numerous experimental checks, the bundle is not passed. The effect is powerful, it will increase the speed of weight-loss, you’ll sleep better, become stronger cartilage, skin posvezheet.>, increase the immune system, leaving the risk of osteoporosis, will increase production GR.
  • Gereksinim+Somatocrinin (CJC-1295). The combination of the most effective, but possible side effects in the form of the General growth of the body. One of the advantages of the ligaments – a noticeable rejuvenation of the body and organs, the active development of GR, increased energy, disappearance of wrinkles.
  • How to take and store peptides

    The substances are in powder form. In a sealed package at a temperature of 18-20 degrees Celsius peptides are stored for 2-3 years. If the powder hit the air, it must be placed in the refrigerator, and it will fit about two months.

    For administration of peptides in the body it is necessary to prepare a solution on the basis of water for injection with benzyl alcohol. Before it to make, should prepare a glass container at room temperature. On the bottom pour the peptide powder, and then through the wall of the vial to pour the water, close the receptacle with a rubber cover and refrigerate. Half an hour later the peptide is completely dissolved. The resulting solution is kept at a temperature of from +2 to +8 degrees Celsius for one week.

    The volume of injected material should be carefully consult with the sports doctor, because the required amount of peptide depends on the weight of bodybuilder, metabolism and the objectives pursued. Usually the calculation is as follows: 1-3 mg of powder per 1 kg of weight.

    There are two established modes of reception facilities:

  • Three times a day without training for an hour before eating and with exercise – one shot one hour before Breakfast and lunch, and another half an hour introduction to the sport.
  • One time in the morning and evening.
  • The course is a 2-3 month break – 1 month to avoid habituation. Injection of peptides are produced in the abdomen at an angle of 45 degrees. The injection site and the needle in the rubber cap each time you want to disinfect with ethanol.

    Possible negative effects of peptides?

    Many have reported increased appetite, but this is a normal reaction of the body, which will not lead to the recruitment of extra weight.

    Bodybuilders have noted frequently occurring itching at the injection injections, as well as a feeling of swelling of muscles after.

    The detrimental impact on the body is possible with prolonged input of the drug with incorrectly calculated dosage. In this case, you may:

    • loss of appetite;
    • fast falling muscle mass;
    • a too active growth of the body;
    • inhibition of the liver;
    • dizziness;
    • nausea;
    • headaches;
    • swelling of the joints;
    • numbness of limbs;
    • dysfunction of the kidneys.

    To avoid these effects, you cannot select a dose yourself without consulting and monitoring in the first weeks of the injection input have a sports doctor.

    Peptides – is a new word in sports pharmacology, but the approach to them requires a careful balancing. These substances are capable of solving the problem of aging, if you will end to study the properties of their combinations.

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