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Paired exercises make the training process diverse, more emotional, exciting. The main thing is to correctly compose and implement a complex designed for two people. In the article, we will consider the main techniques, the most interesting exercises in pairs, in what sequence they are performed and how they are described. Pair fitness has a lot of advantages. This is additional stimulation, support of each other, insurance, joint spending of time. You will achieve the desired result faster and be proud of your strong, athletic body.

Where to begin

You need to start with the movements of the general effect, for example, with sipping. It is important to gradually increase the load during the development of different muscle groups, you should also alternate the areas of influence on:


Paired classes are included as elements in the usual integrated training.

The starting position and actions of those involved may be different, but may not differ. For example, squats that strengthen the buttocks, calf muscles, back, hips well. Here partners stand with their backs to each other and hold hands. It is performed as follows: both participants begin to squat until the quadriceps of the thigh is parallel to the floor. The straight back is firmly pressed to the partner. Repeats 10-15 times. The actions of the participants are exactly the same. It is important to form a right angle during squats and not to tear off the heels from the floor.

There are paired exercises where the 1st partner performs the main actions, and the 2nd auxiliary, then they change. For example, the initial position of the 1st: stands on the 1st leg, the 2nd is laid aside, hands behind the crown. The 2nd person is standing behind, looking at the back of the head of a partner. He takes a foot with one hand near the ankle, presses on the side of the partner and, using springing movements, helps to take it to the side, as high as possible.

pump press in pair

Strengthening Exercises

An interesting action is raising legs with repulsion. One person lies on his back and performs the exercise, the other is an assistant. Let's consider in more detail: the assistant stands at the head of the person performing the exercise, which grabs his legs with his hands. The reclining person raises his legs, without lifting his lower back and back from the floor, at an angle of 75 degrees, and the assistant pushes them away, creating resistance. This exercise strengthens the muscles of the lower and upper press, the transverse and bone muscles of the abdomen.

Vertical twisting is a difficult exercise, but it perfectly loads the abdominal muscles. One student is standing, the other grabs his hips with his feet, begins to lower and raise the body, the position of his hands is “behind his head”. It is very important that a person falls and rises due to the muscles of the press.

Another action on the press is twisting lying with the legs fixed. One participant lays on the floor and bends his knees, the other fixes his feet. On exhalation, the body rises smoothly, on inspiration it lowers. Such an exercise is best done 10-15 times, maximally involving the muscles of the back and neck.

twisting in a pair

Partner body weight as a weighting agent

Exercise is used as a power load after jogging, doing in the park or at the stadium. The students are standing opposite each other, hands are bent at the elbows, forearms are raised, hands are palms up. One person covers his palms from above and rests on his body weight, the other, overcoming resistance, raises his arms up as much as possible using biceps.

Triceps can be loaded with a towel. Hands above the head are bent at the elbows to an angle of 90 degrees. The man behind takes a towel and pulls it. Overcoming resistance, the first participant straightens his arms.

Push-ups train many muscle groups, and push-ups with legs on the partner's shoulders are an exercise with weighting. The participant stands on one knee, the other behind him takes emphasis lying down, puts his legs on his shoulders and wring out in this position.

A difficult exercise is the side raises of the hull, you can not do without help here. Lying on its side, hands behind the head, the first participant begins to raise and lower the body, and the second – holds him by the legs.

pair push ups

The benefits of pair training

Those who worked in close collaboration with a partner, have long appreciated all the advantages of such classes. Firstly, training together is much more fun and interesting. Secondly, it is possible to control each other, give advice, correct incorrect execution. Thirdly, many movements do not work out on their own, help is needed. In pair fitness you can use various items:

gymnastic stick;
skipping rope;
a bench.

Their use allows you to:

Make training diverse.
Specifically affect the desired muscle group.
Develop the speed of muscle contractions.
Adjust the intensity of the loads.
To form the ability to regulate tension and relaxation.

Effectively, originally and with pleasure you can work out all muscle groups. In addition, communication will bring joy.


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