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Painful, dangerous, harmful: the whole truth about teeth whitening

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“What could go wrong?” — reflects usually the victim of aesthetic dentistry. Elena Lapenkova, General dentist, chief physician of the clinical research centre of maxillofacial surgery and stomatology Sanabilis , tell me why sometimes the whitening is painful, and sometimes dangerous.

Procedure: searching for the root of all evil

Not less than 30% of the patients in the tooth whitening result get severe pain instead of joy from the reflection in the mirror. Why? All the matter in the procedure. In fact, whitening is not harmless beauty process. To change pitch of the teeth use of a gel based on hydrogen peroxide. It does not matter which method of whitening you choose, the essence is always the same: is applied over the teeth the gel. It contained hydrogen peroxide decomposes into water and oxygen penetrating the tissues of the tooth and whitening the dentin. This is a solid, the thickest tissue of the tooth which is the pulp. It is riddled with blood vessels and nerves, and it is here that lies in ambush: when they reached the pulp, the oxygen leaves her microburn. It microburn pulp causing these incredible power and richness of feeling, when it seems that the teeth no less than forty-eight, and it hurts every. To avoid all this before whitening is carried out remineralizing therapy — strengthening of the tooth minerals. Anyway, it never helps and one third of those unfortunates who decide to acquire luxurious white mouth.

Contraindications: hidden danger

But that’s not all! Cracked the protective layer of tooth or enamel abrasion in the cervical area of the tooth, wedge-shaped defects, enamel damage — a list of relative contraindications to bleaching, and if you have one of them, with the pearl white better not to communicate. Many are surprised that such nonsense as whitening, generally has these same contraindications. Here it is useful to remember (and who can’t remember to record): teeth whitening is not a simple safe “procedure” cosmetic nature. All of these contraindications relate to violations of the integrity of dental tissue. Whitening can easily lead to the appearance of microcracks and the increase of existing ones. Also in the bleaching inevitable loss of micronutrients, which increases the fragility of the enamel. In the presence of carious cavities, exposed tooth necks or defects in the tooth gets more oxygen, which means even more burn the pulp. Speaking of it, my dear. Too intense heating can even result in the death of the pulp, more precisely, neuro-vascular bundle in it. Therefore, if after reading this you still want to take the risk, it is better to choose laser whitening. If such overheating is practically eliminated.

Burn gum: cunning adjacent teeth

Reflecting on the theme of bleaching, many often overlook that the gums are not in a parallel universe. The active substance bleaching gels are able to penetrate the hard tissue of teeth (enamel, dentin) and can burn the gums they are generally a piece of cake. And on top and light shines, Shine the laser, and they reinforce the already strong action gels. Hello to you, burn your gums! That is why it is important to protect the gums. They make protective compositions and apply the rubber dam. This is a latex plate, which insulates the gums around the teeth from the gel. However, there is one “damn” but: periodontitis and gingivitis is also contraindications to whitening. After all, if the affected gums are bleeding or severely inflamed, there will be a violation of isolation, the gel gets on the gums and… better not to imagine what will happen. Torture medieval Inquisition seem to light tickling.

The collapse of dreams: uneven color and spots

However, forget for a moment about the potential pain. You clenched your teeth (while you still can before bleaching), took himself in hand, passed the first procedure, then all the torments of hell, and suddenly, surprise! Teeth stains, color is not something that is far from ideal, and generally white. What? How? Why? Bleaching does not give the guaranteed result, and those who write the commercials: “Guaranteed 100% white!!!” — you cheat. To change the color of the teeth with absolute assurance is possible only in two ways: with the help of veneers or crowns. The bleaching will immediately become apparent heterogeneous nature of the color of the teeth that results in spots. In addition, after the procedure you need a “clear” diet: coffee, chocolate, wine, red foods (Oh, the horror!) cigarettes — all easily turn your white teeth in a very even color.


Where there is a free lunch, huh?!

And, speaking of commercials. Still many just want to finally get a white smile, what are shameless marketers. They spread all kinds of discount coupons, the action is carried out “Two jaws for the price of one” and engaged in other violent activities. Tip one: don’t fall! In clinics which offer cheap whitening, or divide one portion of the gel for two patients, if any, are fakes. The manufacturer of this gel will not be responsible for the result, and the company who created the forgery. Remember, the price of the procedure consists of a doctor’s salary, the cost of purchased clinic materials, equipment, and therefore a good, quality whitening can cost “only 1000 rubles per session”!

Professional cleaning as an alternative to bleaching

In fact, whitening is not a mandatory medical procedure. Its meaning is purely cosmetic, although the consequences may not be decorative, but very serious. Should think carefully about whether you need this is the “toilet” white, as said by the doctors?

It’s another thing professional cleaning. Removing plaque and Tartar healthier gums and teeth, is an excellent prevention of tooth decay and gum disease, and at the same time lightens the color of teeth. Natural teeth are always slightly grayish or yellowish, and this color there is nothing wrong or repulsive, on the contrary, these shades look the most natural.

If you smoke like a chimney since Queen Victoria, drinking coffee by the bucket and the red wine gallons, what is the sense in bleach? The result won’t last long. If you have, for example, of fluorosis the teeth are lost the beautiful color, the more you should consider the appropriateness of such a procedure. Any illness of the mouth is a significant reason to abandon it.

Well, if all the above didn’t scare you and even the prospect of a few days jumping from the pain throughout the apartment doesn’t bother you, then you always choose good, proven clinic with adequate price and modern methods: for example, with the bleaching green laser. Take hold of common sense and be healthy!

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