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Overview of the best exercises for triceps

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Why you need to pay attention to the exercises for the triceps? What are the rules and principles of pumping that muscle exist? The answers to these questions and exercises will be discussed in this article.

The triceps is a muscle that helps straighten the arm at the elbow located on the rear surface of the forearm and takes up 2/3 of the hand. It forms one of the main muscle on the human body, because of this very important view and elevation of the triceps. This muscle consists of three heads: long, medial and lateral.

The main principles of work with triceps

Many athletes-newbies ignored training the triceps, they think that the relief of the muscle attaches to the biceps. This is a misconception, the biceps is 1/3 part, pumping just his hand will look disproportionate. All exercises for the triceps are based on the extensor movements of the Pumping separates it from the deltoid muscle, and makes hand raised and beautiful.

Form muscle group are laid genetically, so we can only affect its volume.

According to the sports literature, it is possible to pump three bundles of muscles (long, medial, lateral) separately. Practice exercises for the triceps allow to study fully all groups. On what part will be coming all the load, depending on the position of the hands, angle or trajectory.

To increase the volume of triceps need to remember a few rules:

  • Loading the long head of the muscle follow the exercises in which the arms are raised up or opened by the neck: the abduction hands behind his head with a barbell French press.
  • If you want to develop the lateral and medial head, then follow the grip of the brush inside.
  • To move weight on the medial and the long part is required, on the contrary, to change the position of the brush outward.
  • The main principle is adherence to proper technique of exercise for pumping the triceps. This muscle is very finicky, so here are some recommendations:

    • choose a working weight correctly;
    • the arm should be in tension;
    • training follow at a leisurely pace.

    To achieve the first visible results, triceps hands need to pump for 4-6 months. Everything will depend on your initial sports training and predisposition to increased muscle. The frequency of exercise on weight triceps should be no more than twice a week, it is important to give time for recovery of muscle fibers. You can train triceps and in the group with exercises on the chest muscles.

    Basic exercise for pumping the triceps

    The best exercises for triceps are considered basic. They aim to increase the mass and are one of heavy training, for example: dips or reverse push UPS. Experienced athletes are not supposed to use exercises with free weights, and perform basic.

    The program, which uses basic exercises for triceps:

    • push-UPS: performed on the floor with wide hand positioning for beginners 12-15 times in three sets;
    • push-UPS from bench back: the angle between legs and torso should be 90 degrees, repeat 12-15 times in three sets;
    • bench press with wide and narrow grip: hold the neck at eye level, start with 10 kg;
    • push-UPS in a vertical simulator: runs in a semi-sitting position, 15 repetitions in three approaches.

    The most effective of these exercises is the bench press in the supine position. Working weight for him should be individualized. However, pumped muscle to feel the load: in the initial position of the hands, and at the highest point. The weight of the barbell in this exercise different, for example 2 to 3 times more than in the French press.

    Workout for triceps in the gym

    To get a powerful and chiseled arms, is to go to the gym. Of course, the training effect possible in the home, but the best result will be in the gym under the supervision of a coach. If you do not have the opportunity to engage with a professional, then please note the following list of exercises for triceps in the gym:

  • Extension arms with a dumbbell behind the head seated or lying down, bending the elbow, lower the head. The amplitude of the slow exercises, repeat 12-15 times on each arm in three sets.
  • French press is a very effective exercise that loads the long head. It is very important fixation of the elbow joint in one position. It is recommended to use a Z-shaped rod.
  • Dips is one of the famous exercises. To run it needs to be strictly in a vertical position without tilting to the side. Start with 8-10 repetitions in three approaches.
  • The extension arms on the block working on the relief hand. The main principle of exercises is maintaining a right angle between the forearm and the elbow joint. Much also depends on the position of the hands during capture. Perform 15 repetitions in three sets.
  • Pumping the triceps using dumbbells. These exercises a large number of the most effective of them: the movement of an arm in an inclined position of the housing.
  • When you run this program it is very important to follow the technique exercises. Improper hand position the entire load will be transferred to the other muscles. The first training spend in front of the mirror to control the process of exercise. Professional trainers suggest to perform the exercises, changing the intensity, for example 1 once a week to heavy training, and the second a lighter. Experienced athletes lead a session in a split workout, combining exercises for other body parts.

    A very important sign is pain in the elbow joint. When properly selected working scales and technique exercises pain should not occur. If you are concerned about this problem, it is better to reduce weight with which you are working, or to pay attention to the correctness of the implementation.

    Came directly to the practical part of the training for triceps, remember that only regular and technically correct exercises will bring you the desired result. It pumped the triceps will make your arms sporty and powerful. If you decided to do triceps without gym, use the basic exercises: push-UPS, uneven bars and the program with dumbbells.

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