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Overtraining after exercise: causes and prevention

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Overtraining after exercise: causes and prevention
The contents

  • Obstacles on the path to a perfect body
  • Bodybuilding and other types of physical activity
  • Causes of overtraining
  • Signs of overtraining when performing strength exercises
  • Measures to overcome overtraining
  • Prevention of overtraining

In the life of a bodybuilder is sometimes frustrating time, when suddenly reduced strength and muscle mass, the body loses its relief. The athlete suffers from insomnia and headaches, he was often sick. All signs of overtraining. In this state it is impossible to reach records, the athlete thinks that physical exercise helped at least keep the existing form. To overtraining did not prevent to fun workouts and their results, it is necessary to notice the background and to be able to prevent it.

Obstacles on the path to a perfect body

In a state of overtraining may be a novice in bodybuilding, and athletic with experience. The reasons for this they will be different.

  • Inexperienced athlete wants to quickly achieve results. It gives a too high physical load without thinking about the consequences. Exercises with big weight, daily activities vzal lead to overtraining.
  • The decrease results from more experienced athletes may occur due to the fact that the body is not restored, after physical exertion. Not to be confused with the fatigue and the athlete reaching the limits of their personal capabilities.
  • Advanced athletes sometimes fall into a state of overtraining after a sharp rise in strength and muscle mass. Training in this case are on schedule, operating weight increases. But because she is physically unprepared for heavy loads, after a temporary rapid growth stops and even decline. To not arise, it is necessary after a phase of training with more weight to reduce the workload and give the body to adapt.
  • Bodybuilding and other types of physical activity

    Bodybuilders often seek to prove themselves and succeed not only in building the body, but also in other sports such as Boxing, wrestling or Sambo.

    But since bodybuilding and martial arts use different types of load, to achieve high results in both directions is impossible.

    Exercises with a barbell and weights refer to anaerobic. Operation at high performance heart rate weight is an aerobic load. For a bodybuilder with poorly developed prolonged endurance physical load of running fast or fight threat. It can cause heart problems. In addition, the athlete may lose muscle mass.

    To avoid such consequences, developing endurance. But in this case, good results can not be achieved neither in the struggle nor in bodybuilding.

    Therefore, in order not to waste the physical and energetic resources of the organism, it is necessary to choose one sport and to strive to become a it professional.

    Doing bodybuilding, you can do aerobic exercise, but not longer than 20 minutes at a heart rate not higher than 130 beats.

    Build functional muscle, endurance and relief, a combination of two types of stress: aerobic and anaerobic. But the mass of muscle, its volume is significantly lower than when doing only bodybuilding.

    Causes of overtraining

    Each athlete faced with overtraining may be a cause of this condition. Most often there are following.

    • A psychological factor.

    The health of the body, physical activity depend on the emotional state. Problems in personal relationships, at work, financial difficulties cause stress. Constant psychological stress leads to depressed state. Man feels lethargy, lost the strength and desire to train.

    • Improper technique of the exercise.

    Failure to comply with the amplitude and power of movement may not give positive results and to stop the growth of muscles. But more important is that improper technique often leads to injuries that can cause chronic diseases and even the termination of sports career.

    • A muscle strain.

    Fatigue may receive if you exercise for workouts properly: a physical load is too large and does not fit the athlete at this stage.

    • Wrong recovery.

    The training program, the appropriate level of training, can not lead to results without a well-functioning system of recovery between sessions. It includes adequate sleep, regular and balanced nutrition, intake of complexes of amino acids, the judicious combination of bodybuilding with work and other sports activities.

    Signs of overtraining when performing strength exercises

    The main signs of the approaching body to its limit:

    • the inhibition of growth or the decline and relief muscles, their strength;
    • constant feeling of fatigue, apathy;
    • lack of motivation in sport;
    • irritability, aggression, depressive States;
    • persistent pain in muscles, joints and ligaments;
    • immunosuppression;
    • lack of appetite;
    • headaches, poor sleep;
    • irregularities in the heart.

    It is important not to miss the moment of appearance of the signs of overtraining, not to allow it to develop into a chronic form.

    Measures to overcome overtraining

    To solve this problem, you must eliminate the offending factors. Solutions can be as follows:

  • Additional rest between workouts 2 to 3 days.
  • Load reduction by facilitating training programs or reduction in weight of up to 50%.
  • The long sleep to 10 hours a day.
  • Higher quality products, the use of adaptogens, complexes of vitamins and minerals, sports nutrition.
  • Regular massage.
  • Limitation nervous congestion and energy consumption at work.
  • If you have any desire to train and strength and muscle mass began to grow, we can consider the problem resolved.

    Prevention of overtraining

    To prevent overtraining in bodybuilding may observe the following principles.

  • A variety of classes designed for different workout programs.
  • Adjustment additional (isolation) exercises: replace them with other exercises for the same muscle group, changes in the training plan.
  • The combination of light and heavy nahrwan.
  • Varied diet, full of essential micro – and macronutrients.
  • Efficient sleep mode.
  • Limitation of stress and nervous overload.
  • Not to confuse overtraining with laziness, listen to your body. No one but you will feel your limit. Should not “drive” themselves to achieve records.

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