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Opti-Men from Optimum Nutrition

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American vitamin and mineral complex for athletes “Opti-Men” was developed specially for those men who are actively involved in sports. It aims at strengthening one’s own immune function and increased strength, endurance. Without minerals and vitamins athletes suffer from poor performance in training that affects the well-being and postpones the achievement of the desired results. The complex is almost the sole leader in the market of sports nutrition. His only competitor capable of replacing this Supplement is Animal Pak. Products vitamin and mineral content can not compete with American Supplement.

High popularity and quality of the complex due to the fact that it contains minerals, which is the main building material of the skeleton. These compounds are necessary for every athlete because they are “washed out” of the male body together with later in training. Reception of Opti-Men makes up for the lost valuable substances and to improve metabolism and protect the body.

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  • Composition Opti-Men
  • How to take Opti-Men
  • Side effects
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Composition Opti-Men

Vitamin-mineral Supplement contains:

  • A complex of 8 amino acids (Amino), including BCAA, arginine and glutamine, which promote the growth and recovery of muscle tissue.
  • Eight rare species of algae and herbs called “Viri”, with a positive influence on male libido.
  • Complex 20 concentrates of fruits and vegetables that help the body to remove negative free radicals.
  • Four enzyme (Enzy), improves the digestive processes and absorption of nutrients obtained from food.

Along with these components, the composition of the additive includes minerals and vitamins that form the basis of complex Opti.

How to take Opti-Men

The balanced formula allows you to forget about the need to use numerous capsules and tablets. Enough to take only one tablet of Opti-Men three times a day to obtain the recommended daily intake of minerals and vitamins. Drink the capsule should be during the meal, and then drink large amounts of ordinary drinking water, to improve the absorption of nutrients.

Why the complex cannot be replaced by food or pharmacy vitamins? The answer is quite simple. Athletes, in contrast to people who are not engaged in intense training need more nutrients and valuable substances, which they lose in the classroom. In contrast to the standard complexes, sports are tailored to the needs of professional athletes. They can’t replace meals, but Supplement the normal diet to compensate for the lack of micro – and macronutrients that athletes receive less of the usual food.

Side effects

In rare cases, men may experience intolerance to individual components of the complex. Even rarer are problems with digestion. Compliance with the dosages allows to minimize any negative effects after the intake of a balanced mineral and vitamin supplements.


Almost all the athletes write about the high quality of this Supplement, but professional athletes have warned that to expect from a product lot should not be. There are those who believe a balanced diet is important different systems. Thus, if you eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, the need for supplementation just disappears. Unfortunately, to follow such a perfect diet can only to some athletes.

Dissatisfaction with the often complex due to the fact that advertising companies promise what is impossible in principle to expect from this Supplement. It allows you to improve recovery, to become fitter (subject to intensive and regular training), but has minimal impact on the growth of muscle mass and strength. Muscles can’t grow much faster due to the intake of minerals and vitamins, so expect something like that from Opti-Men should not be.

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