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One, two, three, four: does the blood on the propensity for disease?

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the second and third he was on 30% above, fourth to 20%.

2. Stomach cancer

Here again, lucky for those who have the first group. But the second risk is much higher, but the reasons for this are not yet known.

3. Ulcers

In this issue lucky owners of the second and third groups, and those who have the first are more likely to suffer from stomach ulcers. Experts suggest that all the matter in a different immune response to infection.

4. Heart failure

The highest risk is from the third and fourth groups, and the first and second — a quarter less. Why do so — no one knows.

5. Pancreatic cancer

And again those of the first group have the lowest risk, but the second the risk is higher at 32%, the fourth by 51% and the third by 72%. This statistic is associated with genetic factors and the influence of the blood of antibodies to inflammation in the body.

Of course, change the blood impossible. But you can lead a more healthy lifestyle and reduce the risk of many diseases associated with poor diet, Smoking, alcohol abuse and lack of physical activity.

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