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One hour push-up world record video posted

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Jarrad Young once set a new world record for the number of push-ups in one hour, and now a video of this achievement has appeared on the official Guinness World Records channel. Jarrad worked on his push-ups long before the pandemic. Young, a fitness trainer from Australia, set a goal to leave his mark on sports history. The way he decided to do this was to carefully study push-ups. He wanted to use these opportunities to try to do as many push-ups as possible in 60 minutes to take his place in the Guinness Book of Records. Last August, Jarrad went to the Matrix Boxing Gym in Queensland with one goal: to break the world push-ups record. The record he was trying to overcome was 2,682 push-ups – the number set by Carlton Williams in 2017. As the video below shows, Jarrad then made 2,806 push-ups. During the video, you can see how Young does 15 reps and takes a break between them. He also sometimes stops to drink water, relax a bit and get ready. With the tactics that Young decided to use, he was able to improve the previous rate by 124 reps. This record is still relevant, but now that all the athletes are at home, they began to use social networks to show their achievements in push-ups. This leaves us hopeful that Guinness World Records will be updated soon.

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