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Omega 3 from MyProtein

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Omega 3 Supplement manufactured by MyProtein, is a beneficial fatty acid that promotes improvement of metabolic processes in the body. These valuable substances known to many as fish oil. Its value for athletes is hard to overestimate. It has a positive effect on the General condition of the athlete, and also plays an important role in the formation of musculature. Unlike liquid counterpart, the capsules have no unpleasant smell and taste. They are tailored to the needs of the exercising adult. The need to Supplement is particularly good for those athletes who do not consume fish meals at least twice a week.

The lack of omega 3 in the body is not allows you to achieve your goals even when hard and intensively to train. Of course, muscles will grow, but slowly. In other words, if essential fatty acids are not available in sufficient quantity, so the athlete has lagged far behind its “peers” at the gym. High performance Omega 3 has led to the popularity of supplements do professional bodybuilders. Most athletes participating in various competitions, eating healthy fatty acids every day.

The contents

  • Effects from taking
  • Composition
  • How to take Omega 3 from MyProtein
  • Reviews

Effects from taking

Supplementation helps:

  • the acceleration of metabolic processes;
  • increase muscle mass;
  • reducing the layer of subcutaneous fat and improvement of relief;
  • improvement of the cardiovascular system, ligaments, joints;
  • to stimulate brain activity;
  • a higher production of anabolic hormones, including testosterone;
  • the inhibition of catabolic processes.

In addition, the use of fish oil has a positive effect on mood.

Omega 3 serving is 2 capsules and contains:

  • 360 mg of EPA;
  • 240 mg of DHA.

In the additive contains an antioxidant, like vitamin E, which helps to cope with many stressful situations.

How to take Omega 3 from MyProtein

The additive is recommended to drink in the morning, afternoon and/or evening, one capsule. To exceed the daily rate should not be. Store capsules need where they are inaccessible to children. Omega 3 is compatible with many varieties of sports nutrition that allows you to enhance the effect.

The specialists of the manufacturer is recommended to drink useful fatty acid with the following additives:

  • whey protein Impact Whey Protein;
  • testosterone booster Tribulus Pro;
  • vitamin-mineral complex for men Alpha Men and women, Active Women;
  • BCAA or creatine monohydrate.

Supplement allowed to eat regularly. Admission courses with breaks is not required. The use of fish oil omega 3 does not cause any side effects. The tool is absolutely safe for humans.


In the online retailers and forums dedicated to the use of various additives, athletes write about Omega 3 exclusively in a positive way. Judging by the reviews, the Supplement, in comparison with other analogues, is much cheaper, but has a European high quality and efficiency. To strengthen the positive impact of healthy fatty acids, as noted in his comments, the athletes, allows supplementation of protein, creatine, BCAA amino acids.

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