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Olympia moves to Florida – fake news

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The Olympia Weekend will take place in Las Vegas, not Florida. Bob Cicherillo has denied rumors that the main bodybuilding show of 2020 will be moved to Florida. "The Voice of Olympia" Bob Chicherillo denied rumors from so-called "trustworthy sources" that began circulating the day before. Bob even posted a video message on his official social networks (video at the end of this news – approx. to confirm that the 2020 Mr. Olympia will take place at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, as originally planned. 15 weeks before the start of the show, VIP tickets are selling out extremely quickly, and everything is on schedule for this grand event. Bob said the "fake" news of Olympia Weekend's move to Florida came as a surprise to him, director Dan Solomon and owner Jake Wood. If anyone had news of this step, it would obviously be the first persons of Olympia. contacted Dan Solomon, who immediately denied these rumors. Getting the truth from the people who run the show is something the media should do initially, not spread fakes. You can also get all the information you need about Olympia on their official website,

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