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Official Tampa Pro 2019 listings without Dexter Jackson

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Dexter jackson

"Razor" Dexter Jackson (Dexter Jackson) is likely to spend his last Olympia this year, after which he will be 50 years old, most of which he performs on the bodybuilding scene. The organizers of the show included the athlete in the lists of qualified participants, although he never got the right to qualify for him in the current competitive season. The ambitious Dexter has begun preparations for the Tampa Pro 2019 Pro Tournament, which will take place on the first weekend of August in Florida. The athlete showed a video of the training process in his Instagram story (in the video below), but in the lists published today of the declared bodybuilders of the open category named Jackson is not observed. Let's hope that this list is preliminary and we will still see the “Razor” in the lineup on August 4. The favorites of Tampa Pro 2019 also include Charles Griffen, Milan Shadek, Lucas Osladil, Luke Sandow, Hassan Mostafu.

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