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Nutrition during intense workouts

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Nutrition during intense workouts

The food menu is under intense sporting loads is significantly different from the usual or proper diet food for weight loss. Food in the period of training is the only source of energy and building material for your “new” body. To a menu is to be taken very seriously, as from what you eat directly affects the result of works.

The people that made the decision to seriously engage in sports often go on about other people’s opinions, sometimes the wrong. Incorrect advice can lead to reduced training performance, health, and other unpleasant consequences. Only a proper replenishment of energy reserves will serve as the key to good health and a good outcome. Failure to comply with the same rules of nutrition can lead not only to health but also to the emergence of nasty diseases, so pay attention to yourself.

Let us look at the main principles of proper sports nutrition.

The main principles of nutrition in sports

In the power menu should be present proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Their balance is built depending on the severity of stress, personal characteristics of the organism (gender, age, disease) and the desired result. For example, if an athlete gets regular heavy load, the daily caloric content of the diet should be about 60 kcal per 1 kg of body weight of this man.

Protein is essential to maintain and gain muscle, carbohydrates and fats provide the body with energy for training.

The presence of the lion’s share of protein in the menu of sports nutrition necessary to compensate for the vegetables. Vegetable fibers included in vegetables will improve the function of the stomach and intestines, to saturate the body with vitamins.

It is necessary not only to choose healthy foods, but also to cook them properly. The main principle of cooking not to lose the useful properties.

In this case, it is important not only what and how much you eat, but when. As the body through intense workout and spends his energy, no question of starvation or skipping meals shouldn’t be.

Definitely eat Breakfast, every day. This habit will help to maintain a great metabolism. The last meal should be 2-3 hours before bedtime.

The most effective is fractional five meals a day. Training should be performed after complete digestion of the food eaten in the stomach. Time absorption of a solid meal is about 3 hours, the liquid 1 h.

The important point is to maintain the water-salt balance. Besides 2 liters for men and 1.8 liters for women is a common norm of water per day, you need during training, every half an hour to do a small throat water. It is necessary to replenish fluid lost during exercise. Ignoring this rule can lead to dehydration, spikes in blood pressure, overloads the cardiovascular system. The water should be no colder than room temperature.

Featured products menu

Dairy products, cheese, milk, red meat, white meat, fish and eggs — great sources of protein for the body, which serves to maintain and update muscle and bone structure of the body.

Vegetables, greens and fruits not only replenish the stock of vitamins, but also strengthen the secretion of digestive juices, resulting in proteins should be assimilated much better.

Flour, potatoes, nuts, fish oil, bakery products, sugar and cereals will give you energy needed for good health and stamina.

Diet regarding exercise

Food before training should be. Eat within an hour before class, the food should be easily digestible, with a total caloric value of not greater than 200 kcal.

During a workout, usually do not eat, but if stamina need to recharge, hunger overpowered, take it with you to practice a few nuts. They will perfectly cope with this task.

After an intense workout you need to recover stamina. Eating after a workout is necessary not later than in 40 minutes. The menu should be high in calories, but do not overdo it. For this meal will be enough servings of cereals or beans.

Nutritional supplements sports nutrition

With increasing loads is such that the proceeds of the nutrients from ordinary food becomes scarce. For this food doing either too greasy, which lowers the effectiveness of training, or have to eat so large portions that are difficult or nearly impossible to digest. In this case, comes to the aid of a special sports food.

Sports nutrition is a product of high nutritional value. Such a diet allows the body to use easily accessible energy sources and improve the performance in General or specific physical activity, the implementation of which passes with difficulty.

The time and amount of ingestion of such dietary supplements is determined by the regime of workouts, diversity of dietary intake, personal characteristics of the organism. Most of them can be drunk both before and after training. Such food included in the diet, just ask the doctor after a personal inspection and to get a positive response. As there is a risk of individual intolerance to the drug components.

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