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Nutrition and training diary: how to keep it and why you need it

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A fitness diary is a record of an athlete regarding his nutrition and training process in order to track changes. Usually it is conducted with weight loss, gaining muscle mass, increasing stamina, preparing for bodybuilding and powerlifting competitions. Not only a professional athlete can keep a diary, but also anyone who wants to achieve results.

How to keep a diary

Records can be made regarding training, nutrition and your own feelings. It is necessary to draw up a plan that should be followed for the most effective achievement of the goal.

The body quickly adapts to the loads and after a while ceases to respond to them.

Records of exercises and loads allow you to track the moment when the program is worth changing.

The following data regarding training should be recorded in the diary:

start and end time;
training week number;
type of exercise;
number of approaches and working weight;
your feelings during the exercise.

In addition to sports achievements, it is worth focusing on nutrition. The basic rule of losing weight is to consume less calories than you spend. For weight gain, respectively, the opposite is true. However, in order to maintain the quality of the body, in addition to the number of calories, it is necessary to observe the ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Manually calculating is rather laborious, you need to familiarize yourself with the relevant literature and analyze the composition of all consumed products.

In the digital age, a huge number of devices have been invented that makes life as easy as possible. So in the field of sports and nutrition, developed applications, fitness trackers, heart monitors.

sports apps

Popular apps for training and nutrition

Calculating calories manually is difficult, especially at the very beginning of the path to a perfect body. The following applications will help in this:

FatSecret. Free and easy enough to use, it has a large database of products and dishes. You can add exercises and track calories.
MyFitnessPal. In the database you can find products that are popular abroad, which is convenient when traveling.
Lifisum He will recommend which products and in what quantity should be consumed to achieve the goal.
Yazio. Calorie counting with a convenient and simple interface, visual colorful design. Of the shortcomings – you can not add your recipes.

You can record your workouts on paper. It’s easy enough to do this while doing exercises in the gym, but it’s difficult to calculate the exact distance when running. There are applications for this:

Seven Circular training for all muscle groups for 7 minutes. Duration can be increased up to an hour, in the paid version it is possible to create your own programs.
Sworkit Both standard fitness exercises and stretching and yoga workouts. All tasks are displayed as a picture with the correct technique.
Nike Training Club. A huge selection of exercises, both with equipment and at home.

Nike training club

What is a nutrition and training diary for?

Starting to play sports and switching to proper nutrition, the result will not be long in coming. However, after some time, the body adapts and the process of change can slow down. This is where the fitness diary will help, thanks to which it will become clear what it is worth changing in nutrition and loads, so that the body responds to the efforts made.

Regularly recording working weights and exercises, you can understand when to switch to a new training program. The diary plays a motivating role when it seems that external changes do not occur.


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