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“Nothing to eat, and the weight of the growing”: 8 non-obvious reasons for the appearance of extra pounds

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1. You didn’t sleep much

If you have enough sleep a night or two, nothing terrible, but when you do it all the time — harm in including the figure. Already proven link lack of sleep with weight gain, and it is straight: you’re more awake and eat more. In addition, the body has no time to recover for a short night, disturbed circadian rhythms, and metabolism and the production of hormones ghrelin (hungry) and leptin (which controls saturation).

What to do: set a sleep schedule, go to bed and get up at the same time. Turn off your gadgets at least an hour before bed and stop there for 2-3. Do not drink coffee in the evenings.

2. You’re stressed

The ability to manage it will give you a lot of advantages to health. Elevated cortisol contributes to the fact that stress becomes chronic, the result is extra weight (and not only). The body is forced to switch to emergency mode and needs extra energy. Cortisol also affects circadian rhythms.

What to do: learn to meditate, deep breathe or do something else to cope with stress. And not to forget about sleep!

3. Are you depressed

Many antidepressants contribute to weight gain, you can choose the ones that are more suitable. The great depression itself also does not take care figure: many are trying to jam a bad feeling.

What to do: look for support in sports or go to friends that will help distract you. Talk to your doctor about another treatment plan.

4. You take the wrong meds

Some birth control pills, other hormones, steroids, beta-blockers promote weight gain because impact on appetite or metabolism.

What to do: pick up the other without such side effects.

5. Poorly intestinal bacteria

If the intestinal flora is disturbed (e.g. after antibiotics or the use of a large quantity of sweets), this too leads to weight gain.

What to do: take probiotics, drink more water, eat healthy food. If nothing helps, consult a doctor.

6. Not enough nutrients

Low levels of magnesium, iron or vitamin D interferes with the normal functioning of the body and slows metabolism. To increase the level of energy many people try using caffeine, sweets and simple carbohydrates.

What to do: eat red meat and spinach, to raise the level of iron, nuts — magnesium, but vitamin D should be taken separately in right dosages.

7. You get older

Alas, it is inevitable. Over the years, the metabolism slows down, and you need to practice sports and to eat a little less to stay in your favorite weight.

What to do: find exercises that you will work, eat more vegetables and drink more water.

8. You eat at night

Research shows that night eating harmful. In fact, you consume calories that the body does not need. In addition, at the end of the period of wakefulness food is digested slower.

What to do: try to keep the main meal was lunch.

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