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Not to relieve this evil pain: 5 types of headaches and their causes

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1. Intense pain

This is the most common type of headache pain: constant pressure on both sides of the head and behind the eyes and sometimes in the neck. It is often compared to Hoop around the head. Most often it occurs because of stress, lack of sleep or hunger. From it help the ordinary pills, as well as lying down in a dark quiet room with a warm compress on the head. If it occurs often and long passes should go to the doctor and think about changing lifestyles.

2. Pain in the neck

Often caused by a bad position of the upper body. Not always associated with the head. Help exercises for the neck physical therapy.

3. Pain due to dehydration

It may sound funny, but water helps to get rid of this pain. If the body lacks fluids, the brain becomes more difficult to work with. Pain relievers reduce discomfort, but it is important to quickly restore the water level. The main thing — do not drink from a liter, a little better that the fluid came back.

4. Migraine

Common disease, the third in the world list. Usually, this piercing pain in one part of the head. It increases with movement, can cause nausea and sensitivity to light and sound. With age becomes less violent. Drugs it is not, can only slightly ease the symptoms. It is best to be in a quiet place with ice or a hot compress on the head.

Migraine is caused by alcohol, stress, fatigue and certain foods. To reduce the risk to get it, drink more water, sleep, eat right and don’t skip meals.

5. Focal pain

Very strong and intense headache in the form of attacks for 1.5−3 months. Usually hurts in one part of the head, around the eyeball. The whites of the eyes may redden, the eyes on the side of pain — watering, nose on the same side may appear cold. Often these pains are caused by an old injury or alcohol. It is better to consult a doctor.

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