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Not to die before death: help winning

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however, said that it is affected by restrained English character unknown bone marrow donor: “Imperturbable English cells work,” and laughing, completely carefree.

Like two years ago it was nothing. Peeling the gums, deadly weakness, and the words of the doctor said with a strange smile, not of pity, not shame: “You have to live a week.”

Natasha worked as a lawyer in Bryansk — the management of the Ministry of justice. And then I got sick. And all indicators fell ill so seriously that to live was not needs — 80% of blast cells in the blood. “Week, Natasha, on the strength week”, — said the doctors. No, it was not some particularly pessimistic or unskilled practitioners. They just know what acute leukemia, when Natasha entered the office, with her lying there 11 people, and after a few months, two survived. Natasha and another girl.

“Lucky,” — said Natalia. And she thought a lightweight word “lucky” from now on, holds a huge responsibility.

The principle, which then, perhaps, unconsciously made for themselves Natasha, was simple, like life itself, is incredibly complex… like life itself, don’t die before death.

When the chemo has destroyed her body all life, and a staph infection broke his nose, Natasha is forced to endure: “slowly, Slowly. Hard, but nothing.” Once, after the third chemo, she woke up and found out that he survived the cardiac arrest 4 minutes, Natasha wouldn’t let the doctors talk about what happened to mom, and she convinced herself not to cry from fear and don’t look back: “the Head is not to score. Emotions keep the stronger”.

When she said how much for the donor search for bone marrow transplantation, offered to accept and to live how much is reserved, she sold the apartment and went to Fund the fight against leukemia. She waited for a donor, and believe that wait: “No doubt, only forward.”

When, after 9 courses of chemistry, a year of struggle, she finally waited for his genetic twin (donor from England, 100% match) and for two weeks he lay in a sterile box after transplantation with a terrible, persistent headaches, she took painkillers only at night. The day suffered, in order not to get used to, not become dependent on hard drugs: “to Endure, clenching his teeth so that it’s easier”.

Every day when she was dropping 5-6 liters of drugs dropper for dropper and she could not eat, and lost weight to the condition of the skeleton, and tottered from weakness, she still every day forced herself to walk: “no matter How bad it was, but to the toilet I have to go alone. The muscles need to work.”

At all stages of his illness, she thought only of life and chose the only life. You can call it notorious positive attitude, but it worked — even if you are exhausted, lie in the direction of life to get in the right direction.

Today Natasha talks about it to everyone who will follow the path of the disease after her. Doctors — the power of hackneyed phrases: “hold on”, “all is well”, “we will win”, “you got this.”

Relatives — about the importance of being rear, near or on the phone, far or near.

Friends that live not to bury, to forget, to betray.

We are with you and all who are now desperate, tired, on edge — not to die before death. And to fight to the end. Victorious.

Help those who are struggling with leukemia:

Text and photo: Maria Stroganova

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