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Not drink, and be healthy: 6 advantages of abstinence from alcohol

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1. You can lose weight

If you replace alcohol with candy, the result may not be. But if you continue to eat properly, clothes will become too big. Many people do not think about how much calories contain alcohol, but in a large glass of wine they are the same as in the ice cream! In addition, alcohol increases appetite.

2. The internal organs will thank me

We know that alcohol is harmful for the liver. But if you stop drinking, it will work better samoosas. Even better results can be achieved if you combine abstinence from alcohol with sports, eat more fish and brown rice, good for the liver.

3. You’ll sleep better

It is no secret that after drinking sleep is messed up, even if you really want to sleep. If you stop drinking will also improve the memory and concentration.

4. The skin will Shine

It is not surprising that the rejection of harmful fluids has a beneficial effect on the skin. Will decrease redness, inflammation will take place, the skin will look much better.

5. Thoughts will become more positive

Sounds strange, but giving up alcohol will improve your health. Alcohol increases the risk of developing depression and anxiety disorders.

6. The sport will become more efficient

Alcohol is bad for success in the sport. It displays the body of liquid and reduces the level of sugar produced by the liver (as this sugar is important for training).

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