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Nordic walking

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Nordic walking

To those who first meet a person engaged in Nordic walking, the kind of athlete may seem more than strange. To walk with sticks? Maybe he just forgot the ski? And generally messed up the seasons? Yes and no…

Where and how it appeared

Nordic walking originated, as the name suggests, in Scandinavia. That’s where skiers and biathletes, in order not to lose shape invented in the summer to walk with ski poles. Over time it became clear that this type of training is not inferior in effectiveness to the usual training, but in something even surpasses them. Lovers of a healthy lifestyle novelty immediately relished. Sport went to the masses and loved for their simplicity, accessibility and visible results.

What is its use

Do not be afraid to seem ridiculous, Nordic walking is one of the most effective types of fitness; its use is much higher, than in notorious run, and the likelihood of injury is much less. Quick steps and sweeping movements of the hands to the rhythm, break up the blood, increase heart rate, fast lead the body into a state of so-called cardio. Already from the very first workout begins to lose weight, leave the symptoms of minor ailments, strengthen muscles of arms, shoulders, back, hips. If you walk for an hour 6 km, the body will burn a whopping 400 calories, which is a pretty impressive figure.

The beauty and rhythm technique of movements

Before you start Nordic walking, you must learn proper technique. Many people mistakenly put the stick too far forward, literally leaning on them, do not. Not recommended too to throw the foot forward, fully straightening her knee and with the force of a fall on the heel. Excessive wobbling thighs also desirable.

Need to move in a strictly predetermined rhythm, bringing forward alternately left arm along with right leg and Vice versa. Sticks must is on the back, leading hand tightens just a stick, the tip of which should remain at the level of “weak feet.” Steps should be of medium length, knees slightly prosohnut. At first you will have to make some effort to stay on the right rhythm, but by the middle of the first workout, the body remembers the necessary alternation of the movements and then does everything automatically.

How to choose a stick

I probably don’t need to explain that to walk it requires a special stick, the usual ski to replace them is impossible. Good sticks are light weight, comfortable non-slip handles, adjustable hinges for hands and rubber beveled tips. Ideally, they still must be moved between, respectively, the growth of the Walker, but you can choose normal, suitable size. Also need special shoes capable of preventing damage to the joints. The role can be done by running shoes with good shock absorption.

Nordic walking, like any other kind of fitness, it is best to do it. First, companies are much easier to overcome shyness, and secondly- this sport can be a wonderful occasion for dialogue, which we all so lacking.

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