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Nordic walking: the benefits and contraindications to physical activity

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Nordic walking: the benefits and contraindications to physical activity
The contents

  • The benefits of Nordic walking and contraindications to such exercise
  • Technical details of fitness classes
  • Tips on choosing equipment for fitness workouts

Regular physical activity is vital for normal human functioning of all systems. Evidence — weight and various diseases that appear after a few months of doing a sedentary lifestyle. However, not all people faced with this problem, can use the gym and to fitness classes to increase physical activity. For them, a great solution can become a walking is the most natural human exercise. And to make this activity as efficient as possible, you should buy a stick and learn the technique of Nordic walking.

The benefits of Nordic walking and contraindications to such exercise

Nordic walking refers to aerobic physical exercise of moderate intensity. It is perfect for those people who don’t like or can’t run for medical contraindications. Engaging in regular walking with sticks and respecting all the technical details, you can quickly achieve the following positive results:

  • improvement of the cardiovascular system by strengthening the pericardium, myocardium and other muscles of the heart.

For aerobic physical activity characterized by acceleration of the pulse, and therefore, heart muscles begin to shrink more intensively. These processes lead to improving the function of the main organ of the circulatory system. This prevention of various diseases of the heart and vascular system.

  • development of the respiratory apparatus.

Aerobic fitness increases the body’s need for oxygen. To meet her, the body as a self-regulating system, increases the area of the alveoli, revealing those who were in a passive state. As a result, the volume of the lungs increases and they are able to absorb more oxygen;

  • strengthen the muscles of the whole body.

One of the main benefits of Nordic walking fitness training with the usual walk is active involvement in the work of the hands, which gives the opportunity to strengthen their muscles and not only muscles of the lower limbs and bark. Therefore, regular walking with sticks, can easily, quickly and effectively tone all major muscle groups;

  • improve the functionality of the joint and ligamentous apparatus.

Gentle physical exercise increases the mobility of joints, improves nutrition and increases the elasticity of connective tissues;

  • increase in bone density.

With age, human bone, especially if he leads a sedentary lifestyle, become more fragile. Regular fitness training can solve this problem, that it is especially important for people in Mature and old age to prevent osteoporosis and other diseases associated with aging;

  • increase stamina of the body.

Active training of all systems, from cardiovascular to musculoskeletal, improve the physical capabilities of the body. Man is given as a specific physical activity and everyday physical activity. He can work longer without experiencing extreme fatigue;

  • weight loss.

Energy consumption half-hour walk with a Finnish sticks is about 300 calories. This is slightly less than during Jogging or Cycling, but the joints when walking is not overloaded. Therefore, people suffering from excess weight and having problems with the articular-ligamentous apparatus, it is necessary to practice fitness classes on the basis of Nordic walking to stimulate the fat loss process.

Despite the benefits of the Finnish walking sticks and the fact that she has a gentle load, such fitness workout still have several contraindications. In order not to harm the health, not recommended for Nordic walking in the following cases:

  • during the period of illness associated with exacerbations of chronic diseases or infections of the body by viruses or infections;
  • the recovery period after injuries and surgeries, especially if they were conducted on the abdomen or lower extremities;
  • during the attack of arrhythmia or a hypertensive crisis.

Technical details of fitness classes

Expect efficiency from fitness workouts is possible only when strictly observed the correct technique of walking. To master it, you need to remember and practice the following points:

  • when making a step is necessary to smoothly transfer the body weight from heel to toe, as if rolling. This allows you to have a physical strain on all the muscle groups of the lower extremities and to involve most of the joints;
  • the back should be in a straight position, and correct posture is maintained during the entire period of the walk;
  • it is important to synchronize limbs. Technique walk implies a support, for example, on the right stick and the left leg, while right leg and the left stick is pulled back. At each step, the reference pair is changing. Hands should not withdraw from the body more than 45 degrees to ensure the equitable distribution of physical load on the fulcrum. Newporno holding the stick, you need to relax your brush. To worry that the handle will slip out of the brush, not worth it, because the sticks have a special belt-clips attached to the wrists;
  • conducting fitness classes on the basis of walk in Scandinavian technique, you need to breathe correctly, making inhaling on the first two steps and exhaling for three consecutive steps.

Tips on choosing equipment for fitness workouts

Before you start your fitness with Finnish walk, you need to purchase a suitable stick. Choosing the sports equipment should be guided by the following criteria:

  • the length of the sticks should match the growth. To determine the most appropriate size, you need height in centimeters multiplied by a constant coefficient of 0.68. The resulting value (plus or minus 5 cm) will be the optimal length of the shells;
  • for walking on rough terrain you need to purchase a stick with graphite ferrules. If you are going to practice walking on the pavement, should you buy the shells with rubber tips;
  • loop-fastening handles need to be robust and sturdy.

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