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Nordic walking sticks

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Many people are addicted to sports with sticks resembling ski. This activity is called Nordic walking. Also refer to it as Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish. Let’s look at all the features of the sport, cons and advantages.

Features Nordic walking

The main feature of such training is the use of special sticks, which has a positive effect on the human body. They are responsible for more energetic involvement of the hands. Due to this is the strengthening of the shoulder girdle and the arms.

While you walk burn calories and utilized consider all the muscle groups.

To engage in such activities can people of any age, even pregnant women.

What do the doctors say about Norwegian walking sticks? Before class it is best to consult with a qualified professional, as this class has contraindications. Doctors say that walking brings great benefits to the human body.

The benefits of Nordic walking

Let’s consider some of the benefits of this sport:

  • Equal distribution of load on muscle fibers. Involved muscles of arms, abdominals, legs and back. Thus strengthened the whole body.
  • A beneficial effect on the vertebra. Through the use of sticks and the involvement of the hand enhanced the effect. When you walk clavicle, scapula and shoulders, which helps to strengthen the spine.
  • Beautiful posture. Movement during sport accompanied by a flat back and vigorous rhythm. This eliminates the stooping and pain in the back.
  • Sturdy joints. Walking helps to get rid of pain in the hands and feet.
  • A beneficial effect on internal systems and organs. Active movements increase hemodynamics – the passage of blood through the joints. Also works well heart.
  • Pressure in norm. Norwegian walking has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the circulatory system. Also stabiliziruemost pressure.
  • Prevention of physical inactivity. This disease appears in the sedentary lifestyle. Walking gives the necessary stress on human organs and muscle groups.
  • The right brain activity. Do sports in the fresh air, therefore oxygen is constantly supplied to the brain. After class a man with a lot of energy and strength, improves memory and increases performance. There is a good mood.
  • Helps to get rid of extra pounds. In addition to strengthening muscles and joints, walking keeps the whole body in good shape, accelerates metabolism and promotes the burning of calories. To increase the efficiency is to observe proper nutrition.
  • A healthy sleep. The people who are Norwegian walk, sleep and always sleep.
  • Suitable for any age. Elderly people will improve the condition of the vessels and will be able to keep the pressure in norm. It also helps prevent pain in the joints.
  • Minimum physical and material costs. To practice requires only special shoes and poles that fit your height.

Disadvantages and contraindications of sports

In addition to the positive aspects of Nordic walking, there are contraindications and disadvantages:

  • Forbidden lessons in infectious and viral disease. Even if you have a common cold, is to recover completely and then start training. Otherwise, it may appear complications that will aggravate the situation.
  • Not recommended after surgery. Due to heavy physical exertion may also occur complications.
  • Do not sport with a weak heart. Before class it is best to consult with a qualified specialist who will select the safe system of training.
  • Prohibited activities for severe diseases of musculoskeletal apparatus. During walking there is a strong load on the spine. So you can have additional back pain.
  • Not allowed for injuries of shoulder joints. When Nordic walking actively working hands. Therefore, it is bad for the upper limbs.
  • The wrong of the stick. The wrong equipment will lead to problems with posture and the spine. Need to pick up sticks in size.

Before the start of classes you should carefully read all advantages and disadvantages. With proper selection of sticks sports will bring you only pleasure. Don’t forget to consult with your doctor, that is not unimportant.

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