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Nordic walking for beginners and experienced fans of a healthy lifestyle

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Nordic walking for beginners and experienced fans of a healthy lifestyle

The contents

  • Nordic walking as a form of fitness
  • The benefits of Nordic walking
  • Why Nordic walking is effective
  • How to pick up a stick
  • Contraindications to physical activity
  • How to make training safe and productive

A couple of decades ago people cheerfully walking down the street with sticks, could cause confusion. Now, Nordic walking has become one of the most popular types of physical activity. Chosen by athletes of all ages and skill levels. After walking revitalizes and normalizes the whole body. To decide whether to make this sport part of your life, you must consider all its pros and cons.

Nordic walking as a form of fitness

Nordic walking, also called the Northern or Nordic, was originally used as a summer training of skiers-professionals. This training system originated in the 40-ies of the last century. The description of her as a separate sport emerged in 30 years in Finland.

In 1990-e years it finally became independent workout: there was an international Association of Nordic walking. First, it included only three countries: Finland, Germany and Austria. Now it was joined by another 17 countries, and trainings are conducted worldwide. The popularity of the classes in this sport due to their benefits and accessibility.

The benefits of Nordic walking

Due to their characteristics, Nordic walking has a positive effect on the entire body. Its use is as follows.

  • During the training all muscle groups get an even load. This contributes to their strengthening without excessively intense treatment of the articular system.
  • Simultaneous movements of feet and hands forced to work the entire body from ankle to shoulders. Such physical activity effectively helps to strengthen the spine.
  • Active strokes of the sticks, the load on the back muscles and strengthen the muscle corset. Due to this pain go away, aligned posture.
  • Throughout the exercises that work the joints of the hands and feet. It promotes strengthening and prevents arthritis and other illnesses.
  • Physical activity improves blood circulation and metabolic processes in tissues. Regular exercises train the heart, blood vessels and respiratory system, helps to normalize blood pressure.
  • This kind of activity gives the body the required load. This is especially true for those who lead a sedentary lifestyle.
  • During exercises improves the oxygen supply of the whole body, including the brain. It promotes activity and health.
  • Mood also increases due to the additional production of endorphins. Could better cope with stress.
  • In comparison with the usual steps, playing with sticks allow you to burn twice as many calories. They accelerate the metabolism, and if, in addition to exercise more and eat right, to respect the rest, you can become a much slimmer rather quickly.
  • Regular physical exercise in the fresh air helps to stabilize the dream. To fall asleep and Wake up easier. Deeper sleep allows you to truly relax.
  • This sport is suitable for people of any age and level of training. It is easy enough to learn and young and adult athletes. To do can even pregnant – if the waiting child is uncomplicated.

Nordic walking, as the direction of physical activity, accessible to everyone. In order to exercise regularly, only need comfortable athletic shoes and sticks. Class time, duration, and route can be chosen independently, based on their capabilities and personal preferences.

Why Nordic walking is effective

To improve health and avoid common illnesses, who recommends that the daily to do 10,000 steps. Do regularly, go is extremely useful. But to walk with sticks is much more effective. Because at the time, such fitness workout loaded not only the legs but the whole body – works 90% of muscles.

Increased load makes this particular activity more energy intensive, which contributes to weight loss.

Leaning on a stick, you can go a much greater distance than usual. This is the power of all: the elderly, pregnant women and those recovering from injuries.

How to pick up a stick

Even completely healthy person Nordic walking can hurt at the wrong movements. Usually the equipment is suffering due to incorrectly matched sticks. They must choose, focusing on the growth of the athlete. They should not be too long or short. To find the perfect stick, you can use one of two ways.

  • Visual.

You need to stand up straight. Take a small step forward. Take hold of the handle of the stick, sharp end to put at the toe of the extended leg. The elbow should form a right angle.

  • Design.

This method is less accurate, since it ignores the anatomical features of different people. To determine the length of the sticks you just need to multiply the increase by 0.65.

Contraindications to physical activity

As with any kind of fitness before you start regular exercise you should consult with your doctor. Nordic walking is contraindicated in the following cases.

  • Fever, infectious and viral diseases.

High body temperature means that the body are inflammation. You have to give him to fight infection or virus, before proceeding to the fitness training. Active exercise may undermine the weakened body and cause complications.

  • Serious disease of the heart.

Exercise strengthens the cardiovascular system. But in some diseases of the heart regular training is prohibited. Consult your doctor and trainer. Perhaps in your case it will be necessary simply to reduce the pace and duration of sessions.

  • Diseases of the spine and musculoskeletal system.

This sport, though in attenuated form, but still affects the joints and the spine. In case of serious problems in this area should especially pay attention to the selection of equipment and drawing up training programs. Too intensive training and improper load distribution can cause additional health problems.

  • Injuries of the shoulder or elbow joints.

During training the hands to work not less actively, than the lower limb. So if you’ve had problems with the joints of the hands, this sport can adversely affect the injured joint and aggravate the situation.

How to make training safe and productive

If you have no contraindications, exercise can not cause you any harm. It is only necessary to observe some rules to make your practice as efficient as possible.

  • Too high a load can cause discomfort, pain in the joints and muscles. The beginner should start with traffic at a slow pace. After the development of technology and adaptation can be gradually increase the intensity of your workouts.
  • To exercise with cold muscles is dangerous. Before the training, do the workout. She will prepare to load the muscles, joints and ligaments, stimulates the heart and respiration.
  • You should choose comfortable athletic shoes. Clothes should not constrain movements. Should not be too hot or too cold: it is necessary to dress to be comfortable.
  • To motivate yourself to find like-minded people. In many cities there are clubs of fans of this sports direction. Their members support each other, arrange joint campaigns and working on interesting routes.
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