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Nordic walking: features lessons and specific loads

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Nordic walking: features lessons and specific loads

The contents

  • From the history of Nordic walking
  • How to learn Nordic walking with sticks
  • The benefits of Nordic walking
  • How to improve Hiking fitness workouts

People with problematic spine or the elderly usually not easy to find a sports area that will be effective but gentle enough for the load. As a rule, specialists suggest these groups of people to access different versions of the walk.

The most popular sport with a lightweight regime — Nordic walking with sticks. Currently it is engaged not only retirees but also young people who want to keep the body in shape, but prefer not to spend the last of his strength for the grueling workouts at the gym.

From the history of Nordic walking

Nordic walking is known and loved abroad, even with the 30-40 years of the last century.

This unique direction appeared in Finland, that is why these Hiking fitness exercises are referred to as Scandinavian. Initially, this kind of cardio intended for professional athletes-skiers. Because even in the summer season, athletes should have an excellent shape and train hard, was invented by Hiking training to keep in shape.

Gradually, the popularity of Nordic walking sticks began to gain momentum, including in the Soviet Union. To date, Nordic training poles are especially actively used by people with problems of locomotor apparatus.

Many modern fitness clubs offer their customers to purchase tickets for the Scandinavian walking with sticks training. Depending on the age of the person and his physical abilities selected age group (or group according to certain criteria) and individual route.

How to learn Nordic walking with sticks

Since Nordic walking with sticks is increasingly gaining momentum, even among the younger generation, people are increasingly asking, where and how you can use it to learn.

Since this kind of fitness is popular even among the Russian biathletes, who are thus trained in the warm season, when sports schools, you can find individual or group courses on a Hiking training.

Professional coaching in Hiking fitness training with sticks also carried out at most gyms. Usually they are instructors who spetsializiruyutsya age fitness.

Nordic training poles are available in some resorts. Usually, these places have long operated separate groups for beginners and experienced hikers sport.

Those who do not want to spend time on the road and want to do their own, can find in the Internet the video tutorials on the basics of Nordic fitness sticks. It is possible to learn basic techniques, including working with the control sticks for the correct transfer to them of body weight.

The benefits of Nordic walking

Selection of Nordic Hiking training among other sports fields is not accidental. Sometimes this physical exercise is only suitable for the elderly or for those who have serious disease of the musculoskeletal system.

However, even healthy young people can look at Hiking fitness training with sticks. These classes have many advantages compared to other destinations.

  • Walking exercise improves cardiovascular function.

Since Nordic training with sticks — a kind of cardio in accelerating blood circulation. This, in turn, prevents the occurrence of congestive diseases of the arteries and capillaries. Nordic walking exercise helps relieve symptoms of varicose veins and to normalize the pressure.

  • This Hiking training activates the respiratory system.

Nordic walking, though, can be attributed to the type of light weight loads, though the positive effects on the lungs she still has. Since the pulse is accelerated, the person naturally begins to actively breathe and shift breath from thoracic to diaphragmatic. This allows oxygen to saturate the lower part of the lungs. Due to this the body’s normal oxygen exchange and improves lung ventilation.

  • Scandinavian aerobic training with sticks is the best way for elderly people to get rid of excess pounds.

This gentle physical activity refers to the class’s low impact. This means that the joints are not subjected to impact stress as when jumping or running.

  • Walking training with sticks helps to improve joint mobility and also helps develop ligaments and tendons.

This is especially important for seniors who lead a sedentary lifestyle. By relying on the stick main body weight transferred to them, so you can move without loading on the spine or the lumbar.

  • Nordic training allows you to tone the muscles of the whole body.

The people who banned any type of strength training and aerobic the most part, Hiking will help the training stick. Gentle load has a positive effect on the muscle fibers, not allowing them to atrophy while keeping the body in aesthetic shape. All because in the process of walking over 90% of the body is in active motion. The work included the calf, thigh, gluteal muscles and also abs, back and upper body.

How to improve Hiking fitness workouts

To the effectiveness of Nordic walking with sticks is even better, you can take advantage of the useful recommendations.

  • Pick the right height of the stick.

Because using the inventory you need to carry the weight of the body and reduce stress on the joints, just the right equipment will help you master the necessary technical moves. For calculation of the length of the sticks you need to use the formula “of 0.68 x height in cm”. The result may have an error of +/- 5 cm

  • Exercise regularly.

The optimal mode of exercise — at least 2 times a week, but not more than 5. Untrained people should start with a small distance (e.g., 2-3 laps around the stadium), gradually increasing the duration of Hiking training.

  • Engage at a different pace.

Alternate fast with slow step. This approach further to improve the endurance of the body.

  • Observe the correct technique: when the lead hand with the stick is moved forward, backward given the opposite leg.

The same should be done with the other hand and leg. Control body position and ensure breathing was rhythmic: this will not break the technique.

Nordic walking with poles is an effective fitness method to lose weight, prevent various diseases and improve health. To workout become truly useful, don’t neglect the important rules and study according to their individual scheme of training.

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