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Nordic walking: features fitness workouts and selection of equipment

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Nordic walking: features fitness workouts and selection of equipment
The contents

  • How to do fitness for free?
  • The basic requirements for the choice of sticks
  • The effectiveness of fitness training and the dependence of the training process from the length of the sticks
  • The brand, material of manufacture and other features of the projectile
  • The load on the stick for fitness
  • Using ski poles

Nordic walking has recently become a popular type of fitness that is affordable, simple and effective. 15-20 years ago about its existence in Russia knew only one. Now this fashion trend has captured hundreds of thousands of people who get out of physical education and sports maximum benefit for your physical and mental health. And you do need quite a bit — the desire and Nordic (Nordic) walking.

How to do fitness for free?

The history of Nordic walking goes back to 1940, when for the training of skiers in the warmer time of the year in Finland began to use the movement with ski poles. But it was the mass sports this kind of load was only in the 90-ies of the last century. At this time he published the first manual on Nordic walking, and Marco Kantaneva patented this fitness trend. Its main advantage was and remains the fact that to conduct such trainings do not need to purchase expensive exercise equipment.

The popularity of Nordic walking was only a matter of time. Firstly, it is possible to engage in such fitness free of charge and accessible to people of all ages and levels of fitness. Second, you can train anywhere: on a city street, in a Park, in the stadium, the yard, in nature. Thirdly, the need for training only sticks, which shall be used for many years, provided that they are high quality and fit correctly.

Fitness using Nordic walking provides a good workout for all the muscle groups of a person. They strengthen the whole body with minimum stress on the spine and hip joints.

The basic requirements for the choice of sticks

Why the need for poles in Nordic walking? They provide support and allow you to turn in work during training the shoulder girdle. Of course, walking is good and without sticks. But in this case, a muscle simply will not participate in the process of fitness training. It seems that to choose a stick is very simple. This is not so. Find the sports equipment you should consider the following features

  • the best material of the handles is a polymer, its structure resembling a tube. It does not absorb moisture and does not slip;
  • pen stick should have the wrist strap. Ideally, if it is made in the form of mitts;
  • on the lower end of the stick must be the tooth, eliminating slippage of the apparatus on soft ground;
  • the tooth stick can be protected with a rubber cap. This arrangement prevents knocking of a stick on a solid surface;
  • strength and elasticity sports equipment provides the material from which it is made: carbon, metal or modern polymers;
  • good stick for fitness have a variable length.

Walking sticks should be chosen not for their value, but precisely the qualities that were listed above.

The effectiveness of fitness training and the dependence of the training process from the length of the sticks

The Nordic walking poles should be chosen depending on the growth of the athlete. The formula of calculation of this parameter is simple: you need height in centimeters multiplied by a factor of 0.68 and round up to the nearest number that is divisible by 5. So have to choose the stick men with initial level of physical training. If you have some base of experience and fitness, the result obtained by the calculation, you need to add 5 cm When Nordic walking turn into a useful habit, to the baseline length can be added 10 cm.

The brand, material of manufacture and other features of the projectile

Today in sports shops you can buy walking sticks Nordic style of different manufacturers. On which brand is best to pay attention to? If you have fitness became a serious pastime that you devote a lot of time, buy sticks of famous brands. This is Karhu, Swix, Leki, Gabel and other time-tested brand. Of course, the cost of such products for fitness is quite high. But they will serve for many years.

Aspiring athletes can be advised to buy domestic goods. It is inexpensive and quite suitable for periodic training. But never take unknown brands, especially the Chinese. These products break down quickly.

If there is a question of what material to choose stick, then the options are: metal sports equipment is cheaper, but heavier than carbon. Carbon well-spring, but are expensive. Plastic is the most affordable in the price range, but they will last long.

As the Nordic walking sticks are monolithic and extensible, it is also necessary to take into account when choosing them. Sliding is convenient because they can be adjusted to your height and use in multiple family members. But such sticks are less durable and worse buffer. Therefore, if you plan to do often, buy cast products.

This is the only count Finance costs in preparing for the training, because the free gym is it about Nordic walking.

The load on the stick for fitness

Technical characteristics of sports equipment for Nordic walking you can find such a parameter as the maximum load. It indicates what the load in kilograms may consist of one stick. If the figure is 120 kg, then at a higher weight, the product will simply break. So you should buy stick with the stock load is about 30-40% more than its own weight. You should also know that the equipment will last longer if you don’t run them in spurts and do not create loads on curves. Fitness classes are recommended in a calm and moderate pace.

Using ski poles

Many young fans HLS concerned with the question — is it possible to use conventional ski poles for Nordic walking? Of course, if you consider them as a cheaper version of the inventory, it is possible. The main disadvantage of ski poles is that they have long teeth. Therefore using them will be possible only in winter and on soft ground. If you manage to whittle down the teeth, it will give the opportunity to organize a free gym with old ski poles.

Nordic walking will become a pleasure, if the sticks are matched correctly, and the classes are held outdoors in good company.

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