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Nordic fitness walking with poles: benefits and contraindications

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Nordic fitness walking with poles: benefits and contraindications
The contents

  • Fitness for any age
  • The effect of exercise and features of the art
  • The benefits of exercise
  • Contraindications and harms of fitness training with sticks

Nordic walking combines several types of fitness: aerobics, walking, elements of skiing and Jogging. Sport walking with special sticks in their hands called not only Scandinavian, but also the Northern, Nordic, Norwegian or Swedish walk.

Fitness for any age

Nordic walking belongs to the category of aerobic fitness workouts. During exercise, the physical load is distributed on all muscle groups evenly, without overload and excessive force. Therefore, this type of gymnastics is perfect for older people.

This type of fitness available to everyone: expensive equipment is not required, and do in any season. Does not require special physical training and endurance, the exercises are simple and straightforward. Fitness training is also suitable for those who have problems with blood vessels, joints or other disease in which contraindicated large loads and active sport.

The effect of exercise and features of the art

Nordic walking is a specific fitness technique which is the right step and the use of special poles. When walking you need to do a wide a natural step, thus stepping on the heel, then rolling to the toe, using the whole foot. Thus, the steps are active, a little “Jumpy” and fast. This is significantly different from the usual walk, which people used in everyday life.

Back during the fitness classes should be straight and stretched. The technique of Nordic walking will gradually help to get rid of the stoop and make a smooth and correct posture.

Footwear for fitness must be very high quality — selection same as selection of shoes for running. Sole with good shock absorption will help evenly distribute the weight on the foot and relieve discomfort, and also to prevent possible injury.

Arm movement during workouts — natural as in a regular movement, but more refined and technical. Hands and feet work in the opposite direction. Arms should be slightly bent at the elbows, and sticks are their natural continuation. A frequent beginner’s mistake is that they put the pole vertically, but do not confuse the technique of Nordic walking with ski sports. During the movement of the stick must be placed at an angle so that its tip is located near the heel.

It is important that the legs were not overly stretched, and the knees soft “springy”. This will eliminate possible injuries and pains in the knees, and also allow you to engage in a long time. The load on knee joints needs to be reduced to a minimum.

Nordic walking may seem too simple sport — but only from the outside. After the first fitness training you can feel a slight pain in the muscles, especially the back, legs and arms. This suggests that there is a uniform, but large enough physical exertion, but the muscles are actively working.

The benefits of exercise

Nordic walking is useful at different ages and for different categories of the population. It is recommended as a therapeutic fitness workouts, to increase vitality and physical activity for weight loss and overall strengthening of the body. This kind of fitness is having such a positive effect on health:

  • Soft uniform load on most muscle groups. During the training process actively works as a lower torso and upper, what can be said about most other types of fitness.
  • The ability to adjust the load. In order to tone up enough to do an average pace. But for weight loss you should increase the speed of steps, actively shifting the weight on the stick, and loading the muscles.
  • Classes must be held only in the open air, which positively affects overall health. Improves blood circulation, lungs actively absorb oxygen, the complexion and mood improved. This is useful in any time of the year. It also greatly increases stamina.
  • Training positively affect the health of the spine, help from back pain and improve posture.
  • Exercises improve sleep, normalize the nervous system, helps to cope with off-season apathy, stress and emotional fatigue.
  • Such walks help you lose weight, are suitable for people aged and young people, is simple and does not require special expensive equipment. You can engage in solo or groups.
  • A broad range of indications and benefits, combined with the ease of the exercises, make the sport very popular among different people.

Contraindications and harms of fitness training with sticks

As with any fitness, Nordic walking with sticks has its contraindications. To exercise to the mind, and come to training responsibly so as not to get injured and complications instead of the desired positive effect.

  • The harm from these walks might be the case that inexperienced athlete will select inappropriate excessive for the load. Overvoltage will not do good, discourage the desire to continue sessions and can lead to joint injuries and muscle pain. You should start with gentle loads and small distances.
  • If you have a chronic illness, especially in the period of exacerbation, consult a doctor before starting Nordic walking. This load may exacerbate existing health problems.
  • Pregnant women should also be careful to treat this kind of walk and consult with a doctor before exercising. In addition, pregnant even with the doctor’s permission to engage preferably with an experienced instructor.
  • Serious violations in the work of the cardiovascular system, heart disease — a reason to give up the sport, or reduce load to minimum limit, and always be under the supervision of the trainer and the doctor.
  • Viral and infectious diseases are a contraindication to Nordic walking. After intensive aerobic exercise may worsen a painful condition, so to start training better after treatment.
  • People who recently had surgery, you should refrain from activities until complete recovery and healing of joints.
  • Serious injuries — especially knees, back and shoulder joints, can also cause failure of this sport.
  • In any case, the correct approach is to consult with a doctor and only with his permission to take walks with sticks. The first step is to find the instructor and engage in a group — so not only safer but also more fun than alone.
  • The instructor will help you choose the right stick, appropriate health and growth, as well as learn how to walk and use tools.

Nordic walking with sticks is a real godsend for many who want to be healthy, live actively and always look great!

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