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No of irons: how to fix an overbite, so no one will notice

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orthodontist, chief doctor of the International Orthodontic Centre Invisalign.

But can we do it without bite correction?

Not all adults believe it is necessary correction of the bite — Vanessa Paradis, for example, sure that the gap between the front teeth gives it a special flair. However, orthodontists do not agree with — raisins raisins, but malocclusion can be (and will be, no doubt!) cause serious illnesses. First, the defects of the bite have a nasty habit of progressing over time and thus actively harming the condition of the jaw bones and muscles, until the problem with the temporal-nucellsys joint and chronic headaches. Always drink tabletochki from pain in one temple, then another? Jaw clicks as Kashchei the Immortal? Run to the orthodontist! Secondly, malocclusion makes the normal oral hygiene (for example, severely crowded teeth, when they literally overlap each other), but it also encourages the development of gingivitis or periodontitis. What can we say about the decay! So the bite correction will help to save money on fillings, crowns and gum treatment. Third, evenly distribute the chewing load — some teeth are more busy than others. As a result, increases the risk of tooth decay and increased dental abrasion. And in the future you’re looking at early loss of “workaholic” and the cost of prosthetics. By the way, because of the violation of the process of chewing food in time, you will get the problems with the gastrointestinal tract. So in the end it will be cheaper to align teeth than to enrich another and gastroenterologists, coupled with dentists. And fourth, no deep gorges between the teeth, neither leaning forward or swamped back teeth do not look as the ideal of beauty. Especially now that wearing tons of metal in my mouth — not the only way of correcting the bite.

Aligner — ages 16 and up.

So, the iron braces are so last century. Modern orthodontics offers to forget about these horrors and move on to the virtually invisible and very effective method of correction of the bite using clear aligners! To use aligners to correct the bite can be 16 years of age. And especially they are suitable for those who are thinking about smile only after 30. In principle, they have no upper age limit — alignment of the teeth aligners possible at almost any age, it is important that these teeth were.

“Do aligners will overcome such a horror that I daily see in the mirror?!”

This idea is visited by many patients. Seeing the light, transparent aligners-aligners, they immediately fall into doubt. Can such fragile-looking, tiny thing to overcome high congestion, the distal or mesial bite? Maybe it’s better to turn to a proven, powerful in appearance from the classic iron? But stop doubting aligners decide exactly the same orthodontic problem, and braces. In fact, that is why the aligners are their alternative. Transparent aligners will deal with any problems. Heavy iron in the 21st century it is no guarantee of a reliable result, today, the superiority of high technology. Of course, the exact timing of finding you a perfect smile orthodontist will be called only after examination and diagnosis. However, do not need to fear that treatment adinini will take much more time than braces. On average, depending on the condition of the bite, correction aligners takes from six months to two years. The same time you are waiting, if you decide to be treated with braces.

By the way, about the technologies

How aligners achieve such impressive results? We have already mentioned high-technology — and here they unfold in all its glory. First, Kappa is made from a special medical grade material — durable, flexible biopolymer plastic. Thanks to this combination of properties can kill three birds with one stone: to exert such pressure on the tooth below it shifted to the correct position, two — not to cause you any discomfort, three due to the transparency of the aligners others have to work hard in order to catch you wearing any of the pieces on the teeth. Braces aligners lose at least the last two items — iron fence in the mouth a little that is visible for half a mile, and causes a lot of inconvenience. Secondly, the process of diagnosis and treatment planning is based on the creation of 3D models. A special program allows, based on the data your diagnostics fully predict the entire course of treatment. The movement of each tooth is planned in advance by a physician. No action at random! No “Well, you wear braces, and six months later we’ll see…”! Only completely predictable result, which you, incidentally, will be shown on the computer screen. So you immediately see what awaits you after you remove the last Aligner.

How do they do it?

The main feature of the treatment with aligners you change about every two weeks, unlike the steel braces that will be your constant companions throughout the course of treatment. Splints from the kit, created individually for each patient to be worn at least 22 hours a day. Stop, stop! How is it less? Their that can be removed?! Yes, the aligners can be removed, for example, morning and evening before brushing your teeth. They did not interfere hygiene, but because there is no risk of caries development. Moreover, no special equipment for cleaning, as is the case with braces, the aligners do not need — neither irrigators nor brushes or flosses.

PS: Well, what malocclusion does not seem so scary to you? Then, make up your mind!

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