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No need to fear: 7 facts about antidepressants

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And if it comes to antidepressants, we believe that it is not about us, we’re normal, and to mourn all they can. It is therefore necessary to the educational program: what is antidepressants when they are prescribed and why they should not be afraid. Meanwhile, according to forecasts of the world health organization, by 2020 depression will be among the top three causes of disability. Its main symptoms — loss of interest in what had previously been carried away, reducing feelings of joy without serious reasons and objective reasons, a reluctance to communicate with people, the feeling of loss of energy, sleep disturbances (reduction and lengthening), change in appetite, a sense of physical ailments, pain, digestive disorders, etc. So if you find yourself at least three of the following symptoms, do not neglect them, and talk to a psychiatrist or psychotherapist, and if necessary taking antidepressants, don’t worry because…

Olga Karpenko
Psychotherapist medical center “Atlas”

Antidepressants are always carefully selected by the doctor

It’s not the funds that are granted to all equally. The doctor will take into account many factors (the degree of depression, age, lifestyle, comorbidities, etc.), before you prescribe drugs.

Antidepressants normalize the levels of serotonin

Serotonin is mistakenly called a hormone but a neurotransmitter — a substance that transmits impulses between nerve cells and directly affects our ability to enjoy and perceive the positive side of life.

Antidepressants — hormonal drugs

Heard something about serotonin, many decide that antidepressants are hormones, and “on hormones, it is better not to sit.” So, these medications are not hormonal, but about the action item above.

Antidepressants are not addictive

Often it seems that the doctor prescribed a long course of treatment, and when it becomes easier, we can safely stop the medication. Because of these characteristics of the drugs, obviously, there was the myth that antidepressants are addictive. The fact that the processes in the nerve cells are very slow, and below the level of serotonin really normalized, it is necessary to take antidepressants on average about a year, gradually, under the supervision of a doctor reducing the dosage. If you stop them at the very first signs of improvement in depression again gain strength.

Antidepressants will not turn you into a vegetable or hare on batteries

Any drug has side effects, and in this respect, the antidepressants are no better and no worse than other drugs. Taking antidepressants, you will be able to continue their way of life: work, drive, exercise.

Antidepressants do not need to drink constantly

A full course of treatment with these drugs, as a rule, effectively solves the issue. However, there is a caveat: some people are prone to chronic depression, they may need anti-anxiety meds longer courses or on an ongoing basis.

People taking antidepressants, more than you think

Depression is among the five most prevalent disorders, and many people treat her, and successful. However, due to the fact that in our country, depression is still “ashamed” disorders, they hide it. So if you are prescribed antidepressants, do not consider themselves black sheep. Maybe someone of your friends successfully takes them a long time, just like you, shy to talk about it.

And finally — advice on how to avoid depression and to keep knowledge about antidepressants only in the theoretical field

Prevention of depression is similar to the prevention of many other diseases: it is necessary to adopt a rational regime and nutrition, be sure to alternate between work and rest. And yet it is very important rejoice! For example, work well done, a little rest, communication with interesting people, creativity and time spent with family. And most importantly — start to get rid of perfectionism.

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