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Nitrix 2.0 from BSN

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Nitrix 2.0 from BSN is a product to improve pump that is filling the muscles with blood during strength training. Why do we need pumps? It not simply looks beautiful, but also helps to recover faster after a workout. Because the blood carries to the muscles of amino acids, nutrients, and allows you to build new muscle fibers. The nitrogen – a good product for those who are eager to gain muscle mass, They contribute not only to the rapid filling of the muscles with blood, but and anabolism.

Nitrix accept:

  • Increase muscle mass;
  • Anabolic effect after exercise;
  • Acceleration of regenerative processes;
  • Reduce the rest period between sets;
  • Struggle with erectile dysfunction.

It is believed that the nitrogen you need to take all men after the age of 40, regardless of training or not. This not only helps to improve blood circulation in the pelvic organs and to overcome erectile dysfunction, but also serves as a way to prevent prostatitis.


In Nitrix 2.0 from BSN contains not only arginine, but citrulline and creatine. This makes it the anabolic. Arginine is an amino acid that is a direct donor of nitrogen. She is responsible for filling the muscles with blood and pumps. Citrulline reduces fatigue during exercise, and allows you to remove lactic acid from the muscles faster. This will improve performance, will help you to do more repetitions.

In the product you can find 3 different forms of creatine. This substance promotes the best filling of the muscles and increase power performance. The combination of different forms of creatine accelerates its absorption by the muscles and helps to avoid problems with absorption.

The proportion of working substances are kept secret, they are combined in a patented formula. In addition, the composition of supplements includes vitamins and antioxidants that not only help to reduce the stress of oxidation processes, but also contribute to the restoration of the heart and blood vessels.

How to take BSN Nitrix 2.0

Unlike other common nitrogen, Nitric take no before workout, 3 times a day. The working dosage is 3 pills. It can be increased, but not more than 12 tablets per day. Increase the dose to is, if the athlete weighs more than 90 kg.

Important: you do not need to take more than 12 tablets. Even the overdose of nutrients can lead to problems. If you take too much netricsa possible changes in intracranial pressure, and headaches.

Nitrix, it makes sense to take when an athlete strives to gain muscle mass. The drug is rarely used for drying. Course duration is not more than 8-12 weeks.

How to make more sports nutrition with the donor of nitrogen? You can combine it with creatine, protein, amino acids and various beneficial additives such as vitamins and omega-three.

But at the same time you shouldn’t drink a protein shake and Nitrix. This can slow the absorption of the latter and lead to problems with digestion. It would be better if Nitrix to drink separately. Is it worth taking it to bind to the meal? Some athletes drink before a meal, others for 40 minutes before training. But for the athlete who complies with the regime, it is almost the same.


Nitrix is a very popular product. People who first tried the additive for pumping, usually leave rave reviews. Indeed, just a few sets the muscles filled with blood, look more impressive. Many vascularity as professional athletes. This kind of “magic pill” to transform an ordinary person into an athlete.

Applying donator of nitrogen, the athlete improves and purely physical characteristics. Reviewers notice that it disappears fatigue, burning sensation in the muscles occurs much later, and you can do more reps with the usual weight.

Any claims to quality of the Supplement no. Usually praise it, as it gives good results and allows to avoid problems with fatigue. Models and Amateurs to take a picture for instagram, nitrix appreciate the immediate visual effect.

Forums on bodybuilding and fitness there are no negative reviews about this Supplement. If taken within the recommended dosage, there will be no problems. A similar product is at the majority of sports nutrition companies, but Nitrix 2.0 from BSN is high quality. Supplement recommend as a professional fitness industry, and conventional fans. Therefore, all need a donor of nitrogen should consider this a quality option.

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