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Need help! As the nose helped Ludmila to detect cancer

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which seemed the most reliable, and passed the tests required before surgery.

To help Ludmila now!

And in test results — very low white blood cells, and three obscure letters OML.

Lyudmila independent. She knows how to Google. She quickly found out that AML is acute myeloid leukemia. And could not believe that leukemia could have happened to her.

In fact, if not for the nose, Ludmila would not have learned of his leukemia for several months. She had no symptoms and no reason to check the health. If not for the nose, Lyudmilin blood cancer would not have discovered at an early stage and to treat it would have been much harder.

However, even early treatment of leukemia has been difficult. The woman, who all her life thought her main physical problem is the hump on the nose, for a couple of months, lost my hair, experienced multi-day nausea, had been in intensive care and became so weak that mother fed her with a spoon, as a little. When the first course of chemotherapy ended and with it ended the severe side effects, it became clear that life, which had seemed so prosperous, has largely collapsed. Had to take another apartment — not where I like to live, and closer to the clinic. Had to tell at work that MS will no longer do banking career, and will only send to the accounting of sick leave, while the head of HR you will not find a decent reason to fire her. Colleagues were good people, lay off her don’t try, even announced the collection of money on her treatment, but gathered very little compared to the amount of treatment needed.

Cancer — ruining. You can save money for rhinoplasty, to save money for a stay on Santorini, but Lyudmila now knows that once you get cancer, all your savings burn in the blink of an eye as down on the candle. Your successful and even the groom, received in Moscow a good job, now work only on your medication.

To help Ludmila now!

She needed the money. Quite a lot. 900 thousand rubles. Because she cannot be cured from blood cancer just. She needs a bone marrow transplant, a complete restart of the hemopoietic system. For bone marrow transplantation Lyudmila was not a donor. The donor will be the mother. Our DNA matches the DNA of each of our parents exactly half — half from father, half from mother. Even half each of our the parent is not the same as us. Fortunately, modern medicine is able to remove from the bone marrow donor those cells, which the recipient is not good. To divide the marrow in half with the help of special device called “alpha/beta dalekii”. But the device need a special disposable system, that is what you need to buy.

Help Ludmila. Then, if she manages to escape, it can be said that her rescue took part you.

By the way, the nose Ludmila decided to leave alone, if you survive.

Text: Valery Panyushkin

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