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Nearly 200 Pro-athletes learned their results show Toronto Pro Supershow 2019

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Biggest show in bodybuilding and fitness Toronto Pro Supershow 2019, on which we reported all week, and ended the world of fitness has learned the balance of athletes across all ten professional categories of the tournament. A second consecutive victory in the event of the IFBB professional League Professional League earns American Jonathan Delarosa (Jonathan Delarosa), who is a new famous coach Neil hill, nicknamed Yoda, trineruus William Banaka and Flex Lewis. Recently Jonathan was subjected to Pro-tournament Puerto Rico Pro 2019, and now the open category in Canada. The second was a massive canadian Waller Ian (Iain Valliere), who admitted that he was disappointed, but will continue to try to qualify for the show Mr. Olympia.

  • IFBB Open Bodybuilding

1. Jonathan Dela Rosa
2. Iain Valliere
3. Josh Wade
4. Joe Seeman
5. Quinton Eriya
6. James Hollingshead
7. Robin Strand
8. Matt Kouba
9. Eddie Bracamontes
10. Jonni Shreve
11. Phillip Clahar
12. Jameil Hamilton
13. Leon Eastman

  • IFBB 212

1. Adolphus Quoida
2. Mahmood Al Durrah
3. Prince Boabang
4. Mboya Edwards
5. Steve Benthin
6. Brett Wilkin
7. Alex Anjos
8. Hyunjin Kim
9. Issa Saleh Ali Al Hasani
10. Samir Troudi
11. Caleb Blanchard
12. Mehdi Hatami
13. Frantz Prevaly


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