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Myths are the destroyers of a healthy lifestyle

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If you believe in these myths, you can not train, do not try to lose weight or build muscle mass, all efforts will be in vain. These myths long disproved, but they still believe.

In the world of sports, fitness, nutrition, and home to many myths, it has long been disproved, but still live in the minds of people. If you believe in these myths, you can not train, do not try to lose weight or build muscle, all efforts will be in vain. Due to the lack of information, the best intentions lead to health deterioration and collapse fitness goals. Remember those mistakes and never trust people who spread them.

The simulator will show you how many calories you spent

A lot of people still measure the productivity of your workout by the numbers on the screen of the simulator, reaching the desired values, they stop. Any trainer will not be able to count the calories correctly, this value depends on many factors – gender, age, weight, metabolic rate, body composition and others.

Sports drinks are perfect against dehydration

Popular sports drinks for workouts are divided into energy metabolism and electrolyte, most people don’t need them. Sports drinks are sold in vending machines at the entrance to the hall only because they can earn good money, but the best drink to hydrate the body is water. For training low and medium intensity sufficient natural resources and the body of water.

Sports drinks are needed for prolonged exercise of high intensity, which is closer to professional sport than to fitness.
Protein shakes and bars useful

They are really useful, but only if appropriate application. Experts in the field of sports and fitness are encouraged to replenish the body with natural food, resorting to protein bars and shakes, as. The use of protein supplements is important for those who trains for muscle growth and should consume more calories than ready to provide natural products. But even for such people the main protein sources will be chicken, fish and dairy products, protein bars and shakes are only supplements.

Pain during a workout means you’re doing it right

Some aspects of fitness are associated with pain, but the pain can not be regarded as part of the training. It is important to understand the types of pain and to distinguish one pain from another. Drawing pain from muscle tension are inevitable, but sharp pain usually indicates an injury, not progress.

Pain after exercise is caused by lactic acid

Muscle pain that comes the day after exercise, not associated with lactic acid. So manifest himself to damage to muscle fibers caused by physical activity. Every injury is inflammation and pain, but without those injuries the muscles will not be able to expand and become stronger.

In the hall decided to examine and condemn others

The most popular reason why people don’t go to the gym is fear of judgment. People believe that all visitors to the hall will be discussing their clothes, poor physical shape and inability to handle the equipment, all real and imaginary faults. In the gym, as in any other public place, there are more or less educated people. But most come to the gym in order to exercise, during exercise it is difficult to assess others.

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