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Myths about your hangover: 7 misconceptions that only worsen the condition

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1. Milk

All know that before drinking alcohol is okay to eat, because alcohol passes from the stomach into the bloodstream, and an empty stomach can very quickly get drunk. However, other liquids including milk, is also quickly leave the stomach and so does not slow the speed of action of alcohol.

2. Beer in the morning

This is a fairly common method of treatment of a hangover, but sense in it a little. Hangover symptoms develop when the concentration of alcohol is reduced, and the worst part is when everything is already out.

3. Heavy food

On the contrary, it may worsen the situation. Fatty foods slow digestion and stomach only getting worse. It is better to eat fruits and to fill the balance of nutrients.

4. Going to the toilet

Special induce vomiting helps a little. You lose water and useful electrolytes feel thirsty. Also, if you’re already drunk, catharsis will not help.

5. Taking pain before bed

They begin to act in half an hour and have enough for 4-6 hours, so you’ll sleep through all the pain. And at the same time will burden the liver. In addition, the components of many drugs affect the stomach wall, why he’s only getting worse.

6. Sport

Difficult exercises with a hangover will do more harm than good. Dehydration is one of the main causes of a hangover, and the sport only displays the body of even more water and make the heart beat even faster.

7. Coffee

Also worsens the situation. It accelerates the heart rate, makes you sweat and prolongs unpleasant condition. Yes, it will help to Wake up, but not too high a price?

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