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Music for fitness

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Music for fitness

Music for fitness affects the training process and its results is a proven fact. You wondered why workout in the fitness clubs are music? Whether the fact that a healthy lifestyle choose only the audiophiles?

The right music greatly enhances the effects of exercise, scientists proved that. They also found that the wrong choice of rhythms and melodies can harm the body. The question arises: how to choose music for fitness right?

The main rules for the selection of music for training

The most important thing to a music tempo matched with the frequency of contractions of the heart. The only way the trainee is provided “feeding” a good rhythm that helps to do exercise and gives you energy. Too fast or slow tempo on the other hand will cause discomfort and will continue to shoot down.


  • aspiring athletes performing the exercise slower experienced, need music for fitness not too high rate, to avoid increased risk of injury;
  • Pilates requires a low rhythm (50-90 BPM), strength exercises – higher (the exact index depends on intensity) and cardio – higher (140 beats/min);
  • start workout (to warm up) should be under more relaxed music, perform the main program – under the rather rhythmic to complete the activity under relaxing.

The second most important rule of the selection of music she should like. It is necessary to exclude workout tunes, cutting the ear or, especially, annoying (pressing). Only rewarding composition affect health positively.

Size matters

The experts also came to the conclusion that fitness is size music – marching. This is 3/4 (three quarters). Fortunately, in my favorite songs he found very, very often.

How loud should sound like music while training in the home is mandatory for all the instructions there. To be quiet or loud one can, as it is more convenient. Well, if the volume does not depend on the neighbors home gym.

There are two solutions to the issue with music sports:

  • to buy in the store with the discs special collection of songs for fitness;
  • listen to more music online, download the most favorite different tempo (not forgetting the size) and burn a CD yourself.

The first method is much easier but the second allows:

  • to select individual tunes, is really suitable to the athlete more than all;
  • to burn a disc with the desired duration of music for warm-up, main part and completing the training a necessary number of minutes at each stage without a pause.

Especially personal choice – a song for fitness. Some athletes do without them, doing the exercises only under the instrumentals, while others opt for songs with motivating content (for example, from the film “rocky”).

Please note

Scientists have found that music training not only banishes boredom with monotonous repetitions of the exercises, but also affects the pulse and respiration, and hence specifies the desired intensity.

In addition, the music helps to forget about fatigue, thereby extending the classroom, which also happens to be very useful. Of course, it is important not to overdo it, and for this we need to not only hear melodies, but listen to your body.

Successful and effective workouts!

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