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Muscle recovery after a workout

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After a workout, athletes often complain of pain in a particular part of the body. Sometimes unpleasant sensations arise in the process of exercise. How to avoid tissue damage after exercise and keep muscle tone?

How to recover muscles after a workout?

Pain, fatigue, loss of motivation – indicators that the body is exhausted and needs rest. For effective recovery follow certain rules for the exercise regimen and nutrition. Today we will analyze the most important moments.


Our body is in continuous movement, the work is due to the energy that gives us food absorbed during the day. Therefore, it is important to properly prepare the diet in a period of intense physical exertion. Post-workout recovery will happen much faster if you balance the daily menu: proteins, fats, carbohydrates and minerals must be present in the correct proportions. Nutritionists or fitness instructors will help to create the right diet that is suitable specifically for you. However, there are General formulas that calculated the required content of vitamins and minerals in the menu of the athlete.

During exercise burned the energy that must be replenished before and after classes. Nutritionists suggest to observe the following rules during the period of high-intensity loads.

Prior to the lesson:

  • The necessary carbohydrates before training, as they nourish the muscle tissue and the brain with energy.
  • Proteins supply amino acids into the body in the process.
  • Fat should be excluded, as it slows down the speed and process of digestion, which can cause discomfort during class.

During training:

  • The most important rule is not to forget to drink water. As soon as the initial stage of dehydration, the body wanes and the exercise becomes ineffective. It is important to take a few SIPS every 15-20 minutes during exercise.

After a workout:

  • Meal should occur within 20 minutes immediately after training. At this time, open the anabolic window for consumption of proteins and carbohydrates that are needed for recovery and growth of muscles.
  • Carbohydrates are best absorbed in liquid form (sweet juices, drinks) that you can add protein powder. This cocktail will be the perfect combination for a speedy recovery and structuring of muscle tissue after exercise.
  • Any products containing caffeine should be removed within 2 hours after the workout.

Sleep mode

Rest is also important for recuperation and functioning of the body after physical exertion in the gym.

You need to sleep, and it is important not only the quantity but also the quality.

In the dream there is an intensive recovery of all body systems, including the processes of formation of muscle cells. The consequences of lack of sleep are widely known: chronic fatigue, lethargy, nervous tension, problems with concentration and motivation – that only leads to system crashes. Experts advise to go to bed before 12 midnight and sleep at least 8 hours, although the time can vary depending on the individual characteristics of each person. But if you are seriously thinking over the question how to recover quickly after a workout, the first thing you need to consider the sleep mode and do not stray from the chart.


That’s the time to discuss such an important element in the preparation of training – warm-up. Before the beginning of the lesson, you understand and mentally prepare yourself for physical exercise, but the muscles to understand this can’t – they need to prepare. That’s why came up with such an essential ritual, during which there is a warming of the joints and acceleration of the nervous and cardiovascular systems. Optimal time – 5-10 minutes, and then you can proceed to the basic exercises and not worry about the strain already prepared the body. Workout is answer to common question: why in the beginning of training there is a significant improvement.

The structure of the warm-up for 7-10 minutes and include:

  • Light cardio exercises.
  • Gymnastics for joints.
  • Dynamic stretching of the muscles.
  • Restoration of breath.

After the strength exercises and high loads it is recommended to perform special set – hitch, focused on stretching and strengthening the muscles. Such exercises relax the tissue, promote the excretion of harmful toxins, which beneficially affect the state of the muscles and reduces pain. It is also necessary to return the body to a normal pace of functioning and to reduce speed “speeding” internal processes.

Holiday mode

From the stretch gradually move to the rest. Finished the hitch was reinforced by protein-carbohydrate cocktail and move on to the next phase of recovery – relaxation. This level includes 4 of the item from which to choose one procedure or go all in turn:

  • Massage – the best way to repair and strengthen muscle tissue after exercise: increases blood circulation, relaxation and relieves pain.
  • Warm bath promotes cell regeneration, increases circulation of metabolic processes in the body.
  • Russian sauna and Turkish Sauna – effect of relaxation of muscles, relief from the symptoms of fatigue.
  • Contrast shower – has a positive effect on the blood vessels and connective tissue, which leads to improved circulation for all internal systems

It’s time to go

A burst of energy, cheerfulness, the desire to move and perform physical exercises – if such thoughts flashed, then, all stages of reconstruction was completed, and you can return to training. Sport is an important part of our life, which allows you to stay in shape and be healthy. But excessive load can cripple, if not to prepare the muscles and joints in advance. Carefully and conscientiously follow all the points for improvement and recovery before and after workouts and then you will relieve your body from pain and discomfort.

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