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Muscle pain after exercise: causes and methods of eliminating

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Muscle pain after exercise: causes and methods of eliminating
The contents

  • Drugs to combat pain
  • Massage and water therapy for pain treatment
  • Folk remedies to eliminate the pain after a fitness

Sports exercises bring the novice athletes are not only fit, but sometimes severe pain in the muscles the next day. Experienced athletes this symptom may visit with a sharp increase in training load chart. Pain associated with the process of microtrauma to the muscle tissue and its subsequent restoration for the growth of muscle mass. These processes link the need of rest after strength and fitness. Often the pain is so strong that the athlete has to resort to additional means of reducing them.

Drugs to combat pain

A common way to reduce pain among athletes is the use of drugs, most often outdoor use. Anesthetic ointment is necessary to choose according to pain syndrome based on the properties of the drug: they may be cooling, warming and strong analgesic effect. Having the means prohibited in acute trauma; the presence of edema used cooling drugs.

Common painkillers are ointments such as “Capsicum”, “Fastum”, “Voltarene”, “Dolobene” or “Finalgon”. They increase the elasticity of tissues and promote relaxation; reduce discomfort, stimulate blood circulation to the damaged area and accelerate the process of removing the decay products of the substances.

For the treatment of severe pain you can use anti-inflammatory tablets which relieve discomfort, reduce swelling and inflammation. The most popular drugs are considered “Aspirin”, “Ibuprofen”, “Nurofen”. It is important to remember that the stuff has a limited term and use them regularly it is impossible. Systematic the pill has a negative impact on the liver and stomach, disrupting their normal work. In addition, medications can slow down the regenerative processes in the muscles, worsening the results of the fitness workouts.

Massage and water therapy for pain treatment

Many people mistakenly believe that to speed up the muscle recovery process will help bath immediately after training. But studies prove that steam has a similar effect much more productive to relax the muscles a warm bath with sea salt. For pain relief as well warm shower to help relieve tension from the muscles and accelerate blood circulation. Some athletes resort to contrast the soul, but it should be aware of some subtleties:

  • cold water has a delaying effect on muscle growth;
  • should not be immediately after a workout to stand under the cold water. Takes about 10 minutes to allow the body to cool down and returned to normal condition;
  • if you use contrast shower it is necessary to avoid shampooing to avoid;
  • a contrast shower is a great stress to the circulatory system, use it after an intense cardio class is not recommended.

Pain treatment can also be carried out with the help of massage: the procedure will help the recovery of muscle cells, increase the oxygen flow and return the body performance even after the most exhausting workout. To quickly soften muscles and relieve tension using massage with ice. The coolness will reduce the pain and swelling.

Special sports massage is done 12 hours before the next class based on several principles:

  • motion use light and continuous;
  • of pressure occur in the region of the lymph nodes;
  • stroking of alternate rubbing;
  • the process can be a slight feeling of pain, ending by the end of the procedure;
  • the first movement in the process of massage is performed top-down, and complete the procedure on the contrary, bottom-up.

Sports massage promotes oxygenation of the tissues and accelerates the elimination of decomposition products and substances. In addition, he is a good prevent the formation of adhesions. Regular treatments help establish neural connections between the muscle and the brain: during exercise, the athlete feels better working on the muscle. Another advantage of massage is to relax the CNS and enjoyment of the procedure.

Folk remedies to eliminate the pain after a fitness

Often the pain treatment is done using folk remedies: athletes made a special ointment, Vtorushina a sore spot for the night. For example, mix 1 egg, 1 tsp Apple vinegar and 1 teaspoon of turpentine. All components are thoroughly mixed until the mixture will attain the consistency of thick cream. Rubbing the sore spot before bed and bundle up with a blanket made of wool.

In addition, use the following products:

  • the fat badger;
  • compresses of honey and grated horseradish;
  • a compress of infusion of palm twigs;
  • cabbage leaves;
  • pepper tincture.

In addition to post-workout pain symptoms, the athlete may feel a burning sensation and pain during exercise. This is due to the accumulation of lactic acid in the tissues caused by weight training. To reduce the probability of its occurrence is possible by means of observing the principles of proper nutrition, careful warm-UPS before a fitness workout and gradually increase the load.

For output of lactic acid you should drink as much water as possible to speed up the work of the kidneys. In the presence of the on-site gym pool it is recommended to make a few heats to soothe muscles and accelerate metabolism.

If you experience pain during training, it is important to distinguish it from the serious injuries resulting from tension or injury. In this case, the pain appears abruptly, and is strong enough. When injuries occur, you must interrupt the session and refer to the specialist for diagnosis and treatment, and fitness training be suspended until full recovery.

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