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MultiComponent Gainer PureProtein

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MultiComponent Gainer PureProtein – native product for rapid recruitment of muscle mass. Designed for those athletes who find it difficult to get the daily requirement of calories, proteins, fats and carbohydrates from regular food. Serving provides body’s needs for muscle growth, easy to drink and allows you to recover faster. Gainer different multi-component composition, and digested as ordinary food. The formula included as casein proteins slow and fast. For masonboro answer glucose, dextrose and maltodextrin. To improve the taste and anabolic properties the product is enriched with plant extracts.


In one shakes calories as a full meal – 320 calories. They come from the 7 grams of fat, 48 grams of carbohydrates and 15 grams of protein. Casein and whey protein in the product are in the proportion of 40% and 60%, respectively. This means that we face a universal protein product that can slowly allocate amino acids in the blood and to ensure that anabolic processes long enough.

Depending on taste, composition gainer may or may not be present in natural cocoa powder. He makes a cocktail like a chocolate drink, and helps to get not only the natural flavor and additional vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Plant extracts in the composition include:

  • Siberian ginseng is a General tonic and immunomodulatory agents;
  • Extract of viburnum – an additional source of vitamins C
  • The wheat germ oil – helps with exhaustion and improves potency;
  • Leuzea – contains phytosterols resembles the structure of anabolic steroids. Allows you to speed up anabolic processes in the body, to gain muscle mass, but do not get side effects like when using anabolics;
  • The berries contain substances that stimulate the enzymatic activity of the gastrointestinal tract of man. Relieves digestive disorders;
  • Lecithin improves liver function, has hepatoprotective effect;
  • Products are chosen so that the body better assimilate nutrients gainer, and the growth was high quality.

How to make MultiComponent Gainer PureProtein

The frequency of administration depends on the energy needs of the athlete. Some athletes take one serving post-workout. Others need more nutrients and they can provide their influx, only drinking at least 3 servings of gainer a day. Usually drink a cocktail in the morning, immediately after waking up, then 40 minutes before workout and 40 minutes after.

The product is diluted in water, milk or juice, depending on how the body reacts, and which option is more suitable from the point of view of the presence in the product of nutrients. Gainer you need to drink regularly. One serving is 3 scoops for 25g Usually he put up in pound pack, it’s on 17 receptions.

As a weight gainer combined with conventional food? Hardgainer-ectomorph used to add to this cocktail haven and a spoonful of peanut butter to get extra arginine and calories from fat. Add powder in porridge or not, to solve only sporstmena. Any special properties it is endowed with a gainer will not.

Is it possible to have very little food, but to meet all their needs with the help of a gainer? Do those who just can’t eat at work, or forced to spend long shifts working with people. There’s no much harm, but regular food should not be forgotten. In fact it helps us to get the right amount of calories not just plastic substances, but also to obtain the necessary for digestion of fiber. Besides, the muscles will grow better if the power is a variety of protein sources.


The product is popular among athletes of our country. Because it is inexpensive, has a diverse taste range, contains different proteins and types of carbohydrates and well digested. This is one of the best sports nutrition products of this brand. They has highly positive reviews.

Some athletes complain that the packaging of 1 kg is too small, and often have to buy protein. But the problems with weight, speed of digestion, or unpleasant taste no complaints.

The product is well-known to newcomers of the sport and its professionals, it can meet the needs of all who seek to gain muscle mass, and should provide regular supply with the help of a gainer.

Buyers note that the gainer loses a bit of American top brands in taste, but it was designed as a budget option, so don’t expect too much of him. The product will appeal to those who need a high quality mix at a low adequate price.

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