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Muay Thai training: combat fitness

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Muay Thai training: combat fitness

The contents

  • A brief history of Thai Boxing
  • Why martial arts can replace fitness
  • That develop fitness classes for Muay Thai
  • Mental-spiritual development through fitness workouts

What many people choose fitness in the gym? Of course, for the opportunity to pump up a beautiful muscle, increase stamina and just have fun. Unfortunately, for some, this idea turns into just a waste of money and time, as monotonous fitness classes at the gym are not for everyone people. If you’re looking for real sport, try Thai Boxing, also called Muay Thai. This martial art aims to the development of many physical and mental indicators that are used in the ring and in everyday life.

A brief history of Thai Boxing

A few varieties of fitness can boast an equally rich and ancient history, and Muay Thai. The first elements of this martial art appeared in the XIII century, when Thailand was invented Mai si SOK. The ability to fight without weapons was gradually transformed, acquiring new techniques and movements, changed its name to pahaut, and then Muay Thai.

Originally trained Thai Boxing was considered a privilege of royalty and aristocrats also had trained soldiers of the Royal guard. The best of them could count on a title of nobility, which was a major incentive for each soldier.

In the ring world Muay Thai came in 1788, when Thai masters decided to oppose the abilities of the French boxers. By 1960, the ancient martial art became perceived as a sport who can compete with the classic fitness. In our days the international Muay Thai Federation brings together athletes from more than 70 countries around the world and strives to keep the Muay Thai was recognized as an Olympic discipline.

Why martial arts can replace fitness

Classic types of fitness available in every gym, but are unable to give an equally impressive effect as the ancient martial arts. Muay Thai is not suitable for athletes who prefer to study in a quiet pace, but is a boon for those who want to go the extra mile. Someone who likes Thai Boxing for the opportunity to challenge yourself, somebody dreams about smooth motion and incredible skill, and some choose Muay Thai for the unique structure of each fitness workout. The variety of techniques of Thai Boxing is superior to many martial disciplines, allowing each athlete to develop individual technique. During the course, decided to focus on enhancing certain physical and mental skills.

That develop fitness classes for Muay Thai

Among all the physical performance in Thai Boxing special emphasis on endurance. To improve this parameter directed most of fitness workouts that include elements of the ancient martial art. For the development of endurance usually do not use boring cardio, familiar to every visitor of the gym and jumping on the tire, interval running and a special system of training with bags and pagename.

Equally important in Muay Thai is the strength of an athlete, but it is not a trivial ability to lift heavy items. A fan of fitness, chose the Thai Boxing must have the explosive force, responsible for the powerful and rapid blows. Developing this quality, the athlete learns to economize the energy using the resources of your body with maximum efficiency.

For most methods is also important the speed of the movements. In the ring fighters usually compete with equal level of physical training, so the competition winner is the faster or the most intelligent opponent. The real masters of Thai Boxing coach and speed and tactical thinking, but first let’s consider the importance of the first indicator. Program fitness training usually involves training at a special padah, the purpose of which is to develop quick explosive movements. Generally, training is divided into several rounds during which the athlete is constantly changing the working leg. This unique technique allows to achieve an impressive result, which compares the effect of conventional training in the gym.

It just so happens that some people are born clever, like cats, whereas others have to develop this skill with the help of sports. A proven way to get success in this business is fitness with elements of martial arts. In Muay Thai with special emphasis on the ability to coordinate movements, performing methods automatically, without hesitation. This skill is extremely useful not only in the ring but in everyday life, because fans of Thai Boxing are more fluent in facial expressions and gestures. The ability to win the conversation is considered essential in business, and for its development there is nothing better than Muay Thai and various kinds of gymnastics.

Mental-spiritual development through fitness workouts

Thai Boxing not only provides growth in physical indicators, but also builds character. Iron will and resilience — essential qualities for an athlete, because every shot should be max power and dedication. To learn how to use every muscle in the body required months of hard fitness, which turns into the incredible force of the blow. An experienced fighter, like a coiled spring, accumulates inner strength for a decisive attack or counterattack. It training of resistance directed various types of sparring and the “gasket” of individual techniques.

Not do in Muay Thai and without any strategic thinking, because battle is a direct confrontation in which it is important to properly dispose of available resources. During fitness training and during the competition can not act at random, because a skilled opponent will derive considerable benefit. The best experts in Thai Boxing I always teach my players to anticipate the actions of the opponent, building the schema of a fight several moves ahead. Tactical ability and logic is essential in everyday life, so the classes in Thai Boxing, recommended to everyone.

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