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Mr. Olympia defeated coronavirus

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1982 Olympia winner Chris Dickerson celebrates his birthday. Despite many setbacks, the bodybuilder was able to show resilience and remain positive on the eve of his 81st birthday. Having competed as a bodybuilder for nearly three decades, Dickerson was considered one of the legends of the Golden Age. He has won many impressive victories over the years, but most of all he won the main show Mr. Olympia in 1982. Moreover, he was also able to take second place there after two years, cementing himself as a source of inspiration for subsequent generations of bodybuilders. And in 2008 (as reported by ironflex.com.ua), in Tampa, Florida, the bodybuilder was awarded the Ben Weider Lifetime Achievement Award. Unfortunately, Chris has been busy with his health lately. In March, he suffered a fall at home, which resulted in a fracture. While in the hospital, he had a heart attack and even needed a pacemaker. Then, as if that weren't enough, he contracted COVID-19 while at the medical center. However, Dickerson was able to recover to some extent just in time to celebrate his 81st birthday. As Bill Pearl canceled on his facebook:

"REASON FOR HOLIDAY! As many of you know, in March 2020, Chris Dickerson fell in his home and suffered a fractured hip. After the operation, he suffered a massive heart attack and was admitted to the intensive care unit. After several days and unsuccessful attempts to disconnect him from the ventilator, he received a pacemaker. Having survived this, Chris was transferred to a hospital for rehabilitation, where, unfortunately, he contracted Covid 19. BUT won another battle for life again. Chris is proud to celebrate his 81st birthday on August 25, 2020. Please wish him all the best on this memorable day … and in the future. "

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