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Mr. Olympia Chris Bumstead Builds Mass With 245kg Deadlift

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Reigning Classic Physique Champion Mr. Olympia Chris Bumstead is preparing hard for the 2020 competition. When he won Olympia last year, it was considered by many to be one of the greatest achievements in the history of the classic physicist division. And now fans are thrilled to see what Chris will look like this year against two-time champion Breon Ansley when the pair face off again in Las Vegas. About four months to go on stage in December, but Chris is already hard at work in training. Most recently, he posted a video of his back training (video below, approx.ironflex.com.ua), in which he performed 8 repetitions of the deadlift of 450 pounds, as well as 540 pounds twice, with the caption:

Hungrier than ever and this year we're doing our best

In the video, Bumstead begins his day with a walk and swim in a cold lake, and then he goes to the sports club to work on his back.

“This is back day, day number one, for which I need to pack myself up, train well and stop being so thin. Damn it, because this year I have to kick Breon's ass. "

Overall, Chris did a very good, productive back workout. He still has plenty of time to put it all together before the 2020 Mr. Olympia weekend. And he seems to be purposefully focused on his preparation. Moreover, he realizes how much is at stake this year and how much pressure is being put on him, given the circumstances surrounding his victory in last year's tournament. Many people will be watching closely to see if he can repeat this glorious success this winter to retain his title of Best Classic Physique.

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